NewsTaman Safari Indonesia Media Gathering

Taman Safari Indonesia Media Gathering

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The pioneer of recreation and conservation park Taman Safari Indonesia held its first media gathering. The group had come a long way since it built the first park, Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua, to conserve wildlife and provide learning experiences for general visitors. Since then, Taman Safari Indonesia Prigen, East Java was built in 1997 and became the biggest Taman Safari. Bali Safari & Marine Park at Gianyar, Bali opened its doors in 2007, featuring Bali Agung Show, the famous cultural show. In 2010, Batang Dolphins Center in Central Java began its marine life conservation and breeding activities.
The group recently opened Baobab Safari Resort, the fourth hospitality property following Royal Safari Garden, Safari Lodge & Caravan and Mara River Lodge. A souvenir merchandise store line called Safari Wonder currently has 59 outlets throughout the parks and establishments.