NewsGranDhika Indonesia launches program, “GranDhika Future Leader”.

GranDhika Indonesia launches program, “GranDhika Future Leader”.

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Earlier this August, Hotel GranDhika Indonesia launched management trainee hospitality program titled Hotel GranDhika Indonesia Academy. The program focuses on preparing young people to break into the professional world in hospitality industry. Furthermore, Hotel GranDhika Indonesia Academy aims to provide opportunity to explore different facets of the industry through internships at Hotel GranDhika Indonesia properties, expand knowledge, and discover the perfect career for fresh hospitality management graduates.

The selected students who passed recruitment process through series of test; interview, psychology test, English test and medical check-up will enroll a 6-month program, which consisted a-three-month class and a-three-month internship in each Hotel GranDhika Indonesia unit.

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