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Corners of Ideas

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Whether you’re looking for or capitalizing on inspiration, a cozy corner workstation can boost creative juices. Here are some sprucing-up ideas to help you keep that mental light bulb ‘on’.

Rustic Mood

While you should keep your mind from going rusty, the rustic ambiance from Kare can definitely stay. The combination of colors helps brighten up the whole area, but not so bright as to ruin the concept. Stash your stuff inside the drawers to make space for new ideas. 

Warm & Cozy
Your favorite books and magazines are within reach from your seat, placed conveniently by the full-length window to admit the sunlight and afternoon breeze. Come evenings, when temperatures cool, shut the window and enjoy the warm comfort of this Forme corner. 

Personal Lounge
After long working hours there’s nothing better than to take a break with a cup of tea while reading your favorite book or magazine. Sit back and relax in Forme’s lounging spot so you can think things over with a clearer mind.

Neutral Space
Sometimes what you need is simply a neutral space decorated in good taste. This unique patterned coffee table from Forme serves as a centerpiece in the room where you can lounge about, watch TV or even take a quick nap.

Jolly Mood
Whether you’re a fan of British music or simply in love with thematic décor, the bold red of this UK-themed interior setup is unabashedly eye-catching. It also includes lots of eclectic accessories and furniture that can add personality to your workspace.

Sleek Persona
There’s nothing wrong with a dark workspace. This sleek and contemporary working area from Kare not only allows you to focus on the task at hand, but also tells your clients and business partners that you’re a serious person with a modern outlook.

Mix & Balance
Forme sets a nice contrast between the large, dark U-shaped couch and the tiered coffee tables. Throw in a dash of color with bright throw pillows or a rug to give your leisure corner some life. 

Metallic Shine
Those who swear by monochrome can glam it up by substituting proverbial black-and-white with the more unexpected black and metallic silver. Kare offers a set that sparkles and glimmers everywhere you look. A serving cart for your liquors helps you unwind and let all those ideas loose. 

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