Rove and Revel, enjoying the utmost experiences that life has to offer.

As borders finally reopen, traveling becomes accessible for everyone, be it domestic or international travelers. Exploring and admiring places, their culinary delicacies and arts, along with the culture and people, is truly what makes a life meaningful and food for the soul.

In this issue, we cover two iconic destinations in Europe. The Czech Republic is the heart of Europe, where history is always close at hand and where stunning castles, manor houses and medieval town centers abound. Once a kingdom of Bohemia, the beautiful, vast nature offers travelers plenty of experiences. Then, there is Delft, a canal-ringed city famous for its ceramic Delft Blue pottery and as the birthplace of the famous painter Johannes Vermeer. This is a city where craftsmanship, technology and art combine at every corner.

In this modern life where cities have become more populated and centralized, it creates high demand for places that are more compact and functional yet which offer an aesthetic look. This results in creative inspirational ideas in design and architecture. Modern libraries, dining places, communal places, even vertical houses are the focus of sustainable modern architecture that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings through improved efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large.

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Sri Utami
Editor in Chief