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Dubbed as one of Asia Pacific’s most innovative cities by a marketing strategy and consulting firm, Hong Kong attracts both business entrepreneurs and artistic societies. This is a city where ideas are born and encouraged to thrive.


Mira Moon
A special treat for design aficionado, Mira Moon is a vibrant hotel reinterpreting the shapes and colors of the ancient China’s Moon Festival fairytale. The bedrooms come with floor-to-ceiling windows, taking full advantage of the Hong Kong skyline. Spotlights embedded in the latticed wooden ceilings provide additional luminosity, as do the wavy white shelves, which peak and trough away from the walls. Also expect to find glazed ceramics, tailored oriental carpets and rose-red floral window blinds.

Hotel Icon
Celebrating the different cultures of Hong Kong, Hotel Icon pays testament to both Asian and Western contemporary style while remaining passionate about local art, design and fabulous food. A special feature at the lobby is the vertical garden growing over eight thousand plants, alongside a green roof and podium and a landscaped garden. Those are just a small part of the hotel’s eco-initiatives, which also include energy saving and recycling efforts.


Fashion Designers
Among the competitive fashion scene in Hong Kong, independent fashion designers still demand attention with their statement clothes and bold collections. Ground Zero’s cosmic outfits, already held dear by some Hong Kong and Korean stars, are not for the fainthearted, although there are some subtler pieces most can approve. Elizabeth & Jacqueline combine elegant prints and eclectic silhouettes, adapting a touch of surrealism in their pieces. From the accessories department, the contemporary and vintage style mash up of Cecilia Ma is especially charming.

Art Shopping
Window-shopping gets a whole other meaning when you step into the world’s first art mall. As if the distinct architecture isn’t striking enough, K11 Art Mall spans four stories tall and serves as an exhibition space for paintings and installations by local artists in between the luxury storefronts and restaurants, creating a unique shopping experience. If you still want to see more of Hong Kong’s art scene, try visiting 100ft Park, The Salt Yard, Videotage and the exceptionally spacious Osage Kwun Tong Gallery. 


The experience at g.e is not a simple meal time. Chef Bonelli calls it “progressive dining”, a journey to boundless discovery of seasonal ingredients and the various motions and emotions of life. Every meal is edible fine art, focusing on multisensory stimulation which is also complemented by the unique interior design from the main dining room to the private rooms. The cryptic menu is part of the surprise factor when the food comes, but you can always order the set course if you don’t want to guess.

Claiming to represent modern Hong Kong, the restaurant adapts the farm-to-table philosophy and embraces a variety of flavors to deliver them as home cooking should be presented—in a more rustic and honest way. Mott32 serves principally Cantonese cuisine with some signature Sichuan and Beijing dishes, paired with cocktails, sake and wine collection. The interior is special in the ways that it exudes contemporary vibes while echoing the history from which the restaurant gained its name without feeling outdated or traditional.

Prune Organic Deli & Workshop
Dedicated to improve your health and wellness, Prune Organic Deli & Workshop serves nutritious, homemade vegetarian dishes with wholesome organic ingredients. It’s a charming spot to enjoy quick bites, while the selection of specialty vegan and gluten-free, artisanal takeaway food products is perfect for a particularly hectic day. Learn sustainable and healthier living with culinary classes and environmental workshops that cover a wide range of topics such as growing your own micro-garden.

Kowloon Tang
The luxurious Kowloon Tang’s ambience offers no-frills, old school setting, but make no mistake on the culinary experience you’re about to enjoy, as it is the sister restaurant of Michelin-starred Island Tang. The eatery’s popularity rises from the haute cuisine touches and a dash of creativity on authentic Cantonese dishes and rural country food. A pleasant surprise comes from the dessert department, with mouthwatering renditions of the Western variety including soufflé with yuzu sorbet.


Emerging Neighborhoods
Who knew that when the tourists are busy exploring the more popular streets, less-known areas are developing into attractive neighborhoods? The Stone Nullah Lane now grows a sense of character with hip hangout spots like Stone Nullah Tavern and community-centered art space, Wan Chai Visual Archive. Hidden somewhere south of Causeway Bay, the local community impressively keeps the excitement going for Caroline Heaven, where the line between old and new melts away. Don’t miss Burgeroom and Oscary Wine & Art.

Green Urban
Apart from the natural parks, Hong Kong also prides itself in making space for urban gardens to breathe a fresh air into the densely populated city. Earlier sites such as Hong Kong Park, Kowloon Park and Victoria Park are proven to be popular among locals and tourists alike, followed by new sites such as Kai Tak Park on the roof of a cruise terminal building, family-friendly Jordan Valley Park along with the lesser-known but attractive The Domain Rooftop Garden.

Local Business
Make the most of your Hong Kong trip and become a true local. Little Adventures in Hong Kong can give business travelers and expats the cultural fluency and local intelligence to work, live and run your business successfully. Find out everything from Chinese customs, public transportations and economic background to hidden cocktail bars and the ways to get around Hong Kong like a pro. Professionals of all fields can also enjoy tailored experience. And if you’re into the real estate business, you might enjoy the basics of Hong Kong’s property market.

Old vsNew
Hong Kong is not always about neon lights and tall skyscrapers. There’s also the slow, traditional side if you know where to look. Urban Adventures can take you on a walk through places that tells the past history of the city all the way to the present dates, from the traditional markets and antique shops to the contemporary galleries and boutiques. Witness the mash up of old and new faces of Hong Kong, featuring modern constructions and traditional FengShui principals.

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