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Global Exposure for a Better Future

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In today’s age of globalization and inter-cultural cooperation, exposure to international experience is imperative in gaining that much-needed edge.

We all dream of living abroad at some point, both to increase experience and to enjoy a new challenge in a different culture. Parents would do well to remember that their children will grow up in a world rampant with fierce competition and strangling environment. Our children’s working environment will be vastly different from ours, especially as globalization takes its course. It is no longer worth debating that would-be career weavers stand to gain substantial advantage if they have solid international exposure. Let us remind ourselves why this trait is highly important today:

Cultural Empathy
When confronting a different culture for the first time, it is natural to see the differences between cultures first, because evidently they stick out like a sore thumb. As you begin to question and understand the reasons behind these differences, it is natural to actually like some of these different ways of doing things. And sometimes there may be dislikes, or to personally disagree, with these differences. 

When you dislike cultural differences, or disagree with them, the questions are: Do you really understand why this different culture does things differently? Or are you stopping half way in understanding cultural differences?

Most people with solid international skills do not let any of their strong disagreements with cultural differences get in the way of understanding them. Strong international skills come with an intimate understanding of different cultures on many different levels. 

It is only when you intimately understand different cultures that your understanding deepens enough to see why people do things differently. Strong international skills include empathy towards different cultures. 

And how exactly do you benefit from a more rounded vision granted by stronger empathy? As your understanding of other people develops, you also begin to acquire new preferences. You adopt different ways of doing things. You become more tolerant of cultural differences. All this helps you develop yourself to a more adaptable person as a whole, and that’s definitely a quality worth having in advancing any career. 

Skill-set Enhancement
Global exposure shows flexibility; it shows you place a high value of your own skills development and that you can step outside your comfort zone and pursue career advancement beyond your own shores. Barney Ely, an HR Director at an international UK-based company argues, “gaining knowledge of non-UK legislation through the globalization of policies and increased exposure to multinational strategies and line management are huge benefits that broaden your appeal to a very wide group of potential employers.” 

In addition to giving you a broader base of knowledge and experience to draw on, spending time internationally can also help to demonstrate to any future potential employers that you have the ability to adapt to diverse workplaces, perform well under pressure, and are highly motivated. Global experience can often be the kick-start of your career. 

Go International Early
As we’ve come to agree in the beginning of this passage, international exposure is even more important early on, as this prepares younger people to face the challenges of the career world ahead of them.

For example, say you’re planning on sending your kid to attend university abroad. Obviously he/she would need to be prepared to adapt to lots of different things such as cultural differences, language differences, and climate differences. The logical thing to do here would be to start giving them international exposures by going abroad, or maybe have them attend summer school or short courses abroad. 

Nowadays, so many financial and educational institutions are promoting overseas homestay programs to accommodate the needs of concerned parents. If you agree that giving your child some international exposure is beneficial, you can start by researching programs offered by major universities and other educational institutions. These agencies almost always have scholarship programs, summer school, or short courses packages to choose from.

If you desire even more convenience, several major banks are also promoting educational homestay overseas packages. Looking at one of these banks, BNI Syariah for instance, we can see that their agents will arrange everything for you, your child, or even both of you.

One of the available packages is USA Homestay program. The program consist of a 16-day stay in Washington DC or NYC. The itinerary includes an English course from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12:30 pm, day trips to museums and educational fairs as well as other points of interests. The goal of these activities is to allow participants to interact with their new surroundings while learning new and useful things. Package prices start from USD6,150, with installment schemes available. Other destinations include the UK and Turkey.

With such conveniences readily available at a phone call or e-mail away, don’t you agree that international experiences can be easily obtained nowadays? What better way is there to prepare yourself, or your young protégé for the competitive grownup world, than to immerse yourself and “jump in” to the swing of things by having firsthand international exposure? Keep in mind that everyone else is getting geared up for the future. Make sure you don’t get left behind! 

About JuniarMahameru:
As an esteemed alumni of University of Birmingham and Aberdeen University, JuniarMahameru is a professional banker determined to keep making significant contributions to Indonesia’s Syariah banking industry. His optimistic view of the future is always paired with his bold decision-making policies, which makes him a respected figure in the industry, and a charismatic leader.