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Wacom’s Cintiq: Slim, Sharp, Sensitive

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While the Wacom Cintiq has been the crème de la crème of drawing tablets, the Cintiq 13HD offers an elevated user experience. 

Wacom is by far still the leader in the drawing tablets industry, catering to closet doodlers to creative professionals working in design, art and image editing. The Cintiq 13HD, launched last year, features significant technology improvements compared to its predecessors. Using the device is about as close to real drawing without using pen and paper.  

The Cintiq 13HD is a winning combination of a 13-inch HD screen, a slim and compact design, simple setup with both Macs and PCs, a detachable and adjustable stand optimized for use in a choice of four settings (flat, 22, 35 and 50) and an improved stylus pen. Easily integrated into any environment, the Cintiq 13HD epitomizes the portable art machine. 

Superior Screen
Cartoonists, animators, graphic designers and photographers will love the display, featuring 16.7m colors to ensure life-like color quality. The wide-format HD LED display offers a wide viewing angle of 
178 and a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which is particularly beneficial for handling intricate graphics. 

Pro Pen
The technology offered by the Wacom Cintiq 13HD Pro Pen is familiar to Wacom users, featuring 2,048 levels of pressure and tilt sensitivity. As an improved version, the Pro Pen is cordless, ergonomic and battery-free and is designed to work with all of Wacom’s tablets – not just the Cintiq models.
You can expect an excellent and highly natural pen-like response from the Cintiq 13HD. It comes with a convenient case to securely store the Pro Pen and everything else an artist needs at their fingertips – even spare nibs. 

Cintiq Experience As with all Wacom drawing tablets, the Cintiq 13HD enables users to create directly on the screen for an immersive and seamless process that feels natural and saves time. Workflow and productivity are improved with shortcut commands at the user’s fingertips through four customizable application-specific ExpressKeys and Rocker Ring. These shortcuts save valuable time by minimizing keyboard dependency.