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Succeed Above Success

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Mary Oetomo shares what it takes to create and maintain a high-achieving company culture.

Datascrip celebrated its 45th anniversary on 10 August 2014. Some of us will recognize the thriving company as the distributor of our favorite electronic brands including Canon, Panasonic and Wacom in Indonesia. Datascrip, however, has a wider scope of business. The marketing and distribution company provides one-stop business solutions such as supply of products, facilities as well as systems which are required in business and office activities. 

Then & Now
Datascrip’s journey to becoming one of Indonesia’s marketing giants began in 1969 with founder Mr. Joe Kamdani. The main business of Datascrip back then was stationary products. Forty five years later, the company has five Strategic Business Units, namely Canon Division, Office Furniture and Filing Systems Division, Surveying and Engineering Division, Stationery & Business Machines Division and the Multi Media Systems and IT Solutions Division.

Creating Business
Behind the business growth of Datascrip is a female leader with a vision and tenacity to lead the company into becoming Indonesia’s biggest business solutions company within the next five years. It’s Mrs. Mary Oetomo, who moves mountains in her role as the Division Director of Datascrip. She directs and supervises three out of five of Datascrip’s Strategic Business Units including the Office and Living Furniture Division, Multimedia and IT System Division as well as the Surveying and Engineering Division. Mary develops these divisions by making it mandatory for her team members to keep up with new trends and new technology. The company has succeeded over the years, adding beefing up its product portfolio by keeping an eye on technology breakthroughs in order to find the best business solutions for its clients. 

Corporate Culture
The CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, once said about leadership: “It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment and helping to find a way to innovate.” This summarizes how company growth can be achieved when leaders can get the best out of their employees. Mary practices a similar approach to leadership, supported by Datascrip’s high-achieving corporate culture – one built on four principles: “Succeed above Success” – whereby helping employees to succeed leads to the company’s success; CARE (Customer Interest, Attentive, Responsive, Efficient); SMILE (Share, Motivate, Improve, Lead, Efficient); and CoCoCoCo (Communication, Corporation, Coordination and Commitment). Years of work experience has taught Mary that human resources are vital for a growing company. “Only good people can make good business, not the other way around,” she said.  

What Makes Mary
Technology has made our lives easier. We are surrounded by electronic devices almost 24 hours a day and this phenomenon creates a huge market for electronic consumer goods. Mary, with her background as an electronic engineer, has what it takes to understand the application of the varied electronic products and hence market them. 

Once, Mary was just like any high school student who wasn’t sure what to major in at college. There was only one thing she was sure of: she wanted to study something dynamic like math and physics. The option at that time was the engineering faculty, which was not popular among girls. She opted for it nevertheless after ditching Civil Engineering and Architecture because both required drawing skills she couldn’t master. She took Electronics instead, knowing it would lead her to telecommunications and computers and never regretted her decision. 

After years of work experience, Mary came to realize that knowledge in Marketing and Management would complete the analytical and technical skills that she attained at Trisakti University. That was when she went to PrasetyaMulya Business School for her postgraduate degree. 

Mary has been working for Datascrip for 10 years, contributing significant improvements to the company. Another highlight of her career was when she worked for Sinar Mas Group Asia Pulp & Paper for 10 years. She left the company as General Manager. 

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