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A Healthy Temptation

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With all the natural goodness in V-Soy Multi-Grain, addiction can be a good thing.

High nutrition makes a good healthy drink, but tasty flavor makes it  great, especially if you’re one of those people who hate it when there’s a bad aftertaste left in your mouth. Take a chance with V-Soy Multi-Grain and enjoy a sip or two. Savor the healthy yet satisfying taste of wholesome grains, with the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. Soon enough you will find yourself craving for more. Unlike most of the good taste you’re addicted to, you don’t have to feel guilty about it because V-Soy Multi-Grain is good for both your taste buds and your body.  

V-Soy Multi-Grain gains its name from the unique blend of high quality soya bean milk and an assortment of grains, rich with natural wholesome goodness. The tasty, grainy flavor and aroma comes from loads of non-GMO Canadian whole soya beans, made according to proprietary recipe that embraces the natural wholesomeness at its best. Other grains include purple brown rice, black sesame, barley and malt traditionally known to enhance health. Purple brown rice, a superb anti-oxidant, and black sesame which is rich in calcium contribute to the natural greyish color. Barley is an abundant source of fiber to promote bowel movement and keeps you full longer so you don’t overindulge on your next meal. Malt contains a variety of vitamins and minerals which regulates general bodily function. Of course the soy protein itself helps to reduce cholesterol, making it a complete package of good health in a single bottle.

With no dairy content, those suffering from Lactose-intolerance and allergies can safely consume V-Soy without worrying about adverse side effects. The bottle package is practical and easy to bring as snack or light meal replacement. It’s also great served chilled, a fresh companion to your trips. Shake well and enjoy your new addiction.