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Premium Indonesian Teatime

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Gaia Tea & Cakes introduces quality Indonesian tea as the star of a classy and modern teatime experience. 

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With numerous tea plantations throughout Indonesia, one has to wonder why most people are only familiar with imported premium tea brands. There’s a belief that the Indonesian market isn’t ready for premium tea, which is why all the best Indonesian teas are reserved for the export market. This is where Gaia Tea & Cakes decided to come in and change it for good.  

Gaia Tea & Cakes offers premium Indonesian tea products with modern and exclusive packaging, both for daily consumption and for gift giveaways. Currently, there are nine single-origin tea variants curated from several tea plantations throughout Indonesia by RatnaSomantri, Gaia Tea & Cakes Tea Specialist. Variations include the silver needles white tea from West Java and oolong tea from West Java and Bengkulu, along with Japan’s staple “matcha” green tea produced in a tea plantation in West Java. Only the season’s best bud leaves are chosen and treated with special care throughout a series of delicate processes to create tea worthy of being touted as a “work of art”. 

Apart from tea beverages, guests can order special chocolate drinks made from cocoa seeds from Lampung and Bali. The cakes, cookies and snacks are made with Indonesian touches, from the favorite carrot cake mixed with unique spices to bluder, a traditional cake from Madiun, and macaroons in exotic flavors like ketan item (fermented, glutinous black rice), rujakmangga (mango rujak) and tape bakarkeju (grilled fermented cassava served with cheese). Tea lovers can also buy tea sets and utensils. Expect customized tea-themed gifts in the future for personal and corporate presents.  

This year, Gaia Tea & Cakes plans to hold regular tea classes while expanding the tea varieties offered in the shop, combining tea with Indonesian ingredients such as dried tropical fruits to cater to a wider palate. “Even though we just started, I hope that Gaia can encourage higher appreciation towards Indonesian tea,” Ratna said. 

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