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Fried Pleasure

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Those who believe in snacking healthily on say, apples and bananas, would disapprove of snacking on fried meat in the wee hours. But that’s how people nosh in the land of the K-Pop.

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For Koreans, a late-night snack is a square meal – that’s why fried chicken is one of the most popular nighttime snacks in Korea. Since all-night restaurants are common, one can order a bucket of spicy wings and drumsticks for home delivery or take a late night stroll to the nearest bar or restaurant for chicken and beer. 

Indonesia has embraced K-pop culture – from its music to TV dramas and shows such as Running Man – and its cuisine, too, is taking root in the capital city. 

Korean chicken presents a new, healthier spin on the fried chicken concept. Using fresh rather than frozen meat and eschewing the use of heat lamps, the chicken is fried-to-order only and cooked in a way that saps the fat from the skin – making it a healthier alternative to western fried chicken. 

With its delicate crust, moist meat and addictive seasoning, the chicken is served with coleslaw and beer rather than fries. And nobody can get enough of the combination of spices – salty and sweet, crunchy and tender, and the balance of hot and cold between the chicken and the side dishes. 

What with the mushrooming of Korean chicken restaurants in Jakarta, we can’t help but list a few favorites – namely, Chicken Phong, which has also opened in Bandung, then Kyochon and andBonChon. Unfortunately, in Jakarta the dish is only available until midnight, when the restaurants close – and exclusively on weekends. 

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