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On White by Jerry Aurum

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The latest book by one of Indonesia’s most influential photographers shows the wonder of human emotions in an entertaining kind of way.

On White” is Jerry Aurum’s fourth book after “Femalography”, “In My Room” and “HampirFotografi” (Almost Photography). The idea underlying the photography book is rather similar to that of “In My Room”. Whereas “In My Room” features photos of Indonesian public figures in their bedrooms, showcasing different poses and their unique facial expressions, “On White” features photos of Indonesian personalities against a white background, just as the title of the book implies. Once again Jerry has successfully proven his capability of extracting a person’s most interesting side. His photo subjects can look so absurd, heart-warming and even intimidating –but all of them exciting to behold. 

SherinaMunaf – Once Indonesia’s favorite child singer and actress, she has now turned into a stunningly beautiful and fierce lady. She holds a sword in her photo. 

Slank – A rock band consisting of Abdee, Bimbim, Ridho, Kaka and Ivanka as members. They pose naked, leaving little to the imagination, with their private parts covered by random items such as a laptop, safety helmet and even a discount board. They look happy in their photo despite their absurd situation. 

The beautiful actress and model, Cathy Sharon has incredibly clear eyes in the enlarged photo – they reflect Jerry’s image as he took her photo. 

A shot of the longtime famous couple, Dian Nitami and AnjasmaraPrasetya shows them performing a complicated yoga pose in their photo while senior actor, Ferry Salim, proudly displays her feminine alter ego on his page.

Tompi – The famed musician/doctor looked as creepy as Dexter, a fictional serial killer, is shown with his cold stare, hair cover, surgical mask and gown. 

WulanGuritno, the British-Javanese beauty and actress-turned movie producer shows off her stunning figure in a skimpy vest, looking incredibly fierce and sensual. Meanwhile, reality TV star Ashanti dons a look similar to a female vampire from the “Underworld” movie series. 

Jerry treats “On White” as an adventure, stating that the process of making the book has made it into a fine work of art. There are 101 photos in total. It’s absolutely worth collecting.