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The first all indoor art and music festival in Indonesia.

In October Last year, the renowned music promotor Java Festival Production introduced a brand new international music festival, Java SoundsFair. Held entirely indoor at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, the three day event featured exciting acts such as the legendary family band Jackson 5, dancing queen Sophie Ellis-Bextor, New York City-based edgy band CiboMatto, a rising pop idol MAGIC!, and the malaysian indie sweetheart, Yuna. The Indonesian lineup also featured a selection of incredibly talented musicians featuring Sore and Tulus, among others.

Day One – Sophie Ellis-Bextor performed singles mostly taken from her latest album, Wanderlust; marking Sophie’s unlikely major turn from dance-pop to eastern-European balladry, inspired by her multiple tours to Russia. Although the featured songs showed how far she has progressed as a singer and musician, Sophie seemed to understand that her audience still expects to see her ‘dance queen’ side of her and closed her performance with her 2002 dance hits Take Me Home and Murder on the Dance Floor

The evening felt more lovely as Sore took us back to the 50s, 60s and 70s era with their vintage-inspired music while showcasing great musicality and reminding the audience what made us fell in love with them at the first place. 

The Canadian band MAGIC! was featured as a Special Show; marking their debut performance in Indonesia, entertaining the anticipative crowd with their famed singles such as RudeDon’t Kill the Magic and Let Your Hair Down

Day Two – An indie singer-songwriter, Tulus, probably attracted the most crowds throughout the festival. His songs are completely sing-along materials, so he didn’t have to try much to make his audience interact during the show; singing his hit songs, including CintaiAkuApaAdanyaTemanHidupSewindu and Gajah; creating romance in the air.

CiboMatto received enthusiastic responses from their die-hard fans who couldn’t believe their luck; having the cool band to visit Indonesia. It was in fact, the band’s first visit to Southeast Asia. Showcasing distinguished arrangement skills and unique vocal, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori repeatedly charmed their audience who yelled asking for encore at the end of the performance. 

Day Three – The Malaysian indie singer-songwriter, Yuna and the legendary Jackson 5 illuminated the last day of the festival. Yuna showed off her impressive vocal through 12 songs while the Jacksons, although they weren’t young anymore, could still do energetic dancing moves while singing; resurfacing that heart-breaking, old-time memory of the band in their hey-day with Michael Jackson.