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Uber: Your Own Private Driver on the Go

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Uber is a mobile app for iPhones and Android phones which allows you to summon a driver-equipped rental car anytime, anyplace. To use the application, you must create an account and input your credit card details for making digital payments. 

The company promises a wait of less than 10 minutes and a variety of luxury cars to choose from – from the Mercedes Benz E-Class to the Toyota Camry. According to its website, Uber’s flag-fall rate is Rp 7.000 with an additional Rp 2.850 per kilometer. Hence, the rates average about the same as taxi services. 

When you place an order on Uber, you will be able to see the model of the car, the car’s plate number and track its location at any given moment. You will receive a text or call when the driver is about a minute away from your pick-up point. As a first-time “Uberer”, you’re up for a complimentary Rp 75,000 credit, provided you input the promo code. What’s more, all the drivers are nice and don’t smell like expired milk. 

When you disembark, you don’t even need to pull out your credit card or produce a tip. You don’t even sign a form. You’ll feel like you just got a free ride – and on your first trip, you pretty much do. But that’s how they snag your loyalty. Once you use Uber, odds are you’ll never go back to using anything else. Why would you? 

Use this code to get free Rp 75.000 in Uber credit: t1wzc.