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Vodka & Latte: Dogs’ Wonderland

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Just like humans, dogs need pampering too.

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Vodka & Latte is a posh Japanese-style salon for dogs conveniently located in KemangTimur area, South Jakarta. Its edifice is almost hidden from the street; only a sign visible until we realize that there’s an entryway leading to a large compound of dog pampering, dog day care, and dog hotel facilities. 

Named after the owners’ dogs, Vodka & Latte is established as a full service one-stop shop for happy and healthy dogs. When your dog’s fur needs to be trimmed, you know where to go. When in need to reward your furry friend after showing his best behavior, Vodka & Latte is a haven of delicious snacks and playful time in the swimming pool. Vodka & Latte is a dog’s wonderland because here, men’s best friends are lovingly pampered and cared for and they can even socialize with other tail-wagging fellows in the open-air playground. What more to ask for?

The Compound

Vodka & Latte is a nice place to be, both for humans and for dogs. Everything about this place speaks of comfort, cleanliness and hints of good taste for typical French design. The building exterior is painted in what looks like Yale Blue color and we can see the swimming pools from where we park our car. 

Upon entrance, we’d find the salon in our right side, where grooming activities take place. Large transparent glass room separators allow us to see clearly most activities which are done inside the salon. On our visit, we could watched a stylist professionally trim a dog’s mane while some other dogs get their paws and ears checked, and another stands calmly inside a drying box. 

In front of the entrance door, right next to the salon is a reception desk where we can make arrangement of our dog’s salon treatments or other needs, such as if we’d like to entrust our dog to the daycare or maybe to the hotel since we have to go on a trip for months, for instance. The reception area also doubles as an information center. 

At the left side of the entrance is a pet shop, offering premium snacks, Japanese grooming products as well as fashionable collars and cute dog outfits. In front of the pet shop, you can find a small cage-free daycare room where dogs can watch TV and play while waiting for their masters to pick them up after work. Next to the daycare room is a casual lounge area with a café counter from where people order their cappuccino and pastries while waiting for their dogs being groomed at the salon. This is where dog owners can mingle with each other, if they want to. 

Moving out to the back area of Vodka and Latte we’ll see a semi-outdoor terrace with tables and chairs, meant for dog owners who prefer waiting for their dogs in a place with a view of the swimming pool and dog playground. Food and drink from the café can also be enjoyed here. Meanwhile, the hotel is just right next to the terrace. Because dogs don’t need a large room to sleep, the hotel is basically a room where clean and comfortable cages are placed. Big dogs are placed in large cages and smaller dogs in small cages with blankets and cute pillows. For dogs that are entrusted to the hotel more than two months, owners are required to submit pet health certificate. Three times a day, these dogs are let out from the cage to pee, poo and play. Their health will be checked and recorded daily by looking at how their poo looks like as well as their appetite for food. 

Down the stairs to the outdoor playground, energetic dogs can run around while their friends swim either in the large or the small pool, accompanied by Vodka & Latte staff as their playmates. Every day is a happy day here for the dogs. 

The Salon

Expect top grooming services and facilities at Vodka & Latte. The salon area is divided into several small rooms and units for hygienic care, cleaning and styling. Each dog is bathed after they are brushed to remove loose dead hair and locked inside the drying box afterwards before they receive hygienic care, cleaning treatments and perhaps some styling including hair trimming and coloring. 

Vodka & Latte hires two professional stylists from Japan, who can make your dogs look cuter than ever with the right hair style and hair color. Vodka & Latte provides books on doggie hairdos from where you can choose the right style for your dog. And no worries, the salon only use organic products that are suitable and safe for dogs, gentle to your dog’s fur/hair, even the coloring agents. 

Giving dogs treatments at the salon, however, is not merely for pampering. Grooming can be necessary for dogs, especially for those that have issues related to nail length for instance, or cracked pads or foreign objects that wedged in between paw pads caused by hairy toes. These conditions, if not fixed, can make it very painful for dogs to do their daily activities.

Before giving treatments, Vodka & Latte will first conduct body check to your dogs, to find out, for instance, whether or not your dogs have fleas. Dogs having more than five fleas will be rejected while dogs with fleas less than five will be bathed in an isolated room and can receive salon treatments as usual. Apart from body check, Vodka & Latte also requires to know the dog’s age and whether or not it has been given full vaccine. These procedures are necessary steps by Vodka & Latte, to ensure the safety of every client, Because dogs can interact with the other furry fellows here, they need to be free from any health threats from outside.

Japanese Style

Vodka & Latte adopts Japanese style dog salon designed by Japan’s famous dog groomer, Tetsuya Yoshida. An expert in Japanese artistic grooming, Yoshida focuses on using organic product and the importance of green friendly environment. As Vodka & Latte is established based on Yoshida’s vision and guidance, the typical overly meticulous Japanese care is applied into Vodka & Latte culture in order to give the best for pet dogs. 

The grand opening of Vodka & Latte was held in November 2014, but the place has opened from July of the same year. Reservation is recommended before one comes for any treatment especially during weekends since it will be packed. The operational hours start from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 


Vodka & Latte
Jl. KemangTimur Raya 88A
South Jakarta, Jakarta – Indonesia