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A Modern Contemporary Take on Kids’ Furniture

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Finding the right furniture for kids can be quite the conundrum. Not only that it must have the most basic functions, it also needs to factor in other important aspects such as durability, design, and most importantly: safety.

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For these obvious reasons, most furniture manufacturers today allocate a specific section just for your loved ones. Parents are spoiled (or sometimes bamboozled) with options of items for children nearly in all development stages. OFFI, an independent quality furniture manufacturing company renowned for its modern and functional designs, has recently expanded their kids’ furniture line that somehow manages to look cool and playful at the same time. 

They have quite the selection, but here are some of our most favorite OFFI Kids products:


Woody Chalkboard Table 

Tired of your kids drawing on your walls or any surface in the house? Here’s a brilliant solution that combine chalkboard, and an activity table: a chalkboard table! Made with durable chalkboard surface, and a functional storage in the middle for chalks or eraser, you will hopefully be able to get those tiny hands off the wall.

Perf Boxes 

 An incredibly flexible solution for your storage needs, these finely crafted boxes stack and rotate independently, free from hardware and held in place by gravity.  With its great flexibility and innovative design, no wonder that The Perf Boxes are part of the permanent collection at the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art.


What’s not to love with this cool piece of lighting? This toddler-friendly lamp has a modern cubist’s take on kids’ favourite animal and made of non-toxic, odorless plastic with a low voltage (12v) replaceable bulb that bathes a room in soft light. What’s more, this lamp can be drawn on with washable markers! 

Riga Roo Rocking Kangaroo 

Who would’ve thought that a kid’s rocking chair can be so contemporary looking?  Made of a single molded piece, this minimalistic yet archetypal shape is both intriguing for kids and cool enough for any parents to leave  anywhere in the house.