DowntimeReportJava Jazz Festival 2015 Ended with a Bang!

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Ended with a Bang!

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The British pop singer Jessie J. rocked the audience on the last day of the 11th edition of Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Southeast Asia’s biggest jazz festival at JIExpoKemayoran, Sunday night, 8th of March.

The ‘Bang Bang’ superstar is well known for her incredible pop songs and unquestionable charisma, but it’s her pitch-perfect live performances that have earned her the accolade after accolade in the industry.

Despite not being a jazz musician, Jessie J. attracted massive crowds in front of the main stage gate even two hours before the show, turning the night into a memorable one for her excited fans. It was a “special show” after all.

The 26-year-old singer and songwriter sure knew how to grace the stage and made a notable presence for her fans by wearing a black oversized see-through jersey emblazoned with “Jakarta” in white which generated loud applause and cheering from the crowd.

Jessie J. started shaking the stage an hour late from schedule at 11 p.m., and opened with a medley of upbeat songs from her latest two albums; “Ain’t Been Done” and “Domino.” She then introduced her newest single, “Seal Me With a Kiss,” from latest album “Sweet Talker.”

The UK hitmaker also sang the cordial “Who You Are” from her first album, after explaining the struggles of her life back when she moved to the United States for the very first time at 17. She delivered the song with the plum and spirit that proves Jessie J. isn’t an artist that needs the fanfare and distraction of some of her peers.

Between songs, the pop star talked to the crowd and occasionally enrapturing them with a freestyle song. And after burning down the house with “Sweet Talker” and “Burnin’ Up,” she made the crowd’s jaws drop to the floor with “Do It Like a Dude.”

Jessie J. surprised everyone with her famously sexy performance by taking off her shirt—revealing just a black shiny sequined high-waisted bikini underneath in which she rocked the stage even further—and threw it the audience, causing a major uproar.

After the lewd performance, she left the stage and came back on stage wearing a new shirt with the words “Bang Bang” emblazoned on it and started a medley with the hit song “Price Tag,” taking a reggae twist on the second verse.

Penultimate track “Masterpiece” saw Jessie transformed her audience into sharks, instructing the crowd in the biggest hall of the Java Jazz Festival to place their hand on their head for the Jaws-style opening notes. And as Jessie bounced around the stage to final track “Bang Bang” without any sign of slowing down at the chart-topping track, the crowd confirms the feeling is mutual. 

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