WanderlustOdysseyDusun Bambu Family Leisure Park: The Comfort of Being in the Open

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park: The Comfort of Being in the Open

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Eagle Camp has made camping convenient.

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To go out and about in the nature and spend some nights in the open is a very appealing idea for most families looking for options of vacation. But the thought about the hassle in preparing the trip and carrying all the equipments is enough to make them ditch the idea, replaced by a more convenient vacation option.  

These families, however, should know that today a camping haven has opened in the foothills of Burangrang Mountain named Eagle Camp, or SayangHeulang in local Sundanese language. The camping site adopts a premium camp concept, where the camp ground is differentiated from standard camping by the provision of modern facilities that allow guests to feel privileged when spending the night in the open. 

There are two types of camp ground offered at Eagle Camp. The first is the single-deck camp ground perfect for smaller group of campers, where a tent is provided and ready for use equipped with two mattresses, two sleeping bags, electricity power, two electric lanterns, heater fan, telephone and radio tape, among others. The second type is the double-deck campground for larger group of campers that features two tents equipped with the same facilities. 

With 24-hour butler service, campers would always know where to ask for help when they want to light up the bonfire at night, or to help with the BBQ grill. In the mornings, the cool mountain air and the beautiful lush green surrounding can be enjoyed by sitting on a log in the mini garden. Those in need to keep updated with the happenings worldwide can access the Internet around the clock using the provided WiFi connection. Last but not least, spending time in the bathroom while camping has never been so convenient with the permanent hot shower and toilet. 

Not only for families, Eagle Camp is also popular among companies that have sent their employees here to enjoy corporate gatherings or to take part in outbound activities. The camp ground is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the common hotel concept where campers are privileged with a rare exposure to Burangrang’s beautiful night sky adorned with stars and the sound of the flapping wings of the Java Eagle –all of which can be enjoyed amidst the comfort of modern hotel facilities. 

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park
Jalan Kolonel Masturi Km 11, West Bandung
West Java – Indonesia
T: +62 22 8278 2020