WanderlustOdysseyParador Hotels & Resorts: The Affordable Luxury Destination

Parador Hotels & Resorts: The Affordable Luxury Destination

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Established in January 2013, Parador Hotels & Resorts is certainly one of the contenders to watch in Indonesia hospitality Industry.

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In a considerably short time, the Parador group was already named by IAC as Best New Hotel Management Company in 2014, and as Best New Hotel Operator 2015 by WAA. As one of Paramount Enterprise’s Divisions, the local pioneering hotel group has made its footprints with Atria, Ara Hotels, and Fame Hotels, and with two more brands, Starlet and Vega Hotels, to be added soon to their portfolio.

You will find a unique combination of humble Asian hospitality and professionalism throughout their range of hotels and resorts, offering excellent alternatives to the guests while providing the best returns to all stakeholders.

In addition to the launch of 4 hotels in December 2012, Parador group commenced its latest projects with the launch of Atria Hotel Malang and Ara Hotel GadingSerpong in 2013. Following this, Parador had 3 more groundbreakings in 2014 for Timika, Bali, and Yogyakarta. The development continues as the hotel group expands to East Indonesia with the unveiling of Ara Hotel Timika, scheduled to open in 2015. This will be followed by the group’s 2 star brands, Fame Hotels Batam and Fame Hotel Sunset Road Bali. Additionally, another 8 groundbreaking projects will be unveiled this year in a few exciting destinations;Jayapura, Lampung, Cakung, Tangerang, 2 in Yogyakarta and 2 in Surabaya.

At the same time, Parador also acknowledges the aggressive growth in budget accommodation and introduced Starlet Hotels. “The innovation, quite simply, is the amalgamation of the budget hotel concept with the comfortable facilities and our trademark Parador service – all offered an affordable rate.” shares Ricky Theodores, Parador’s Chief Operating officer about Starlet Hotels’ selling point. The first set of Starlet Hotels will be launched in Tangerang and will be followed by Semarang and Palembang.