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Your selection of items and furniture can determine whether you’re living in a bachelor pad or a man cave. With the right balance of style and function, you can proudly brandish your urban space without sacrificing the comforts of your alone time. 

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Part sculpture, part light, Beaubien ignores all the designated silhouette of a lamp and takes on its own signature form inspired by traditional Chinese screens. Local design, hand finishing and attention to detail ensure that the resulting product is a high-end piece. The frame twists and bends like a maze in a graphical treat, referencing both modernism and the Memphis movement of the 1980s. Its universal character comes through in the application. You can use the fixture as a floor lamp, a wall lamp, or suspend it over your dining table or living room. 

R10 Collection
If you ever decide to upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom, integrate a sleek, modern design into your suite with the R10 collection from Rubinet Faucet Company. There are 21 different finishes, from your regular chrome and gold to bold colors like aqua, red and matte black. The whole collection ranges from kitchen sets, bathroom accessories, to showerheads and body sprays. Although the stars are the uniquely designed faucets; from the lavatory faucets, floor mount tub faucet to the wall mount faucet. Made of solid brass and ceramic disc cartridges, you can expect them to stand the test of time.

Makr Shakr
Impressing your guests at the party by mixing your own drinks is one thing, but owning a robot that can serve an almost limitless selection of drinks is making a whole another level of impression. Designed by award-winning practice Carlo Ratti Associati, Makr Shaker is a crowd-controlled bartending system debuting on a cruise ship earlier this year. To use it, users access a simple app on a tablet to create alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink combinations. The cocktail creations will then be assembled by two robotic arms, whose movements mimic the actions of a bartender, from the shaking of a martini to the thin slicing of a lemon garnish to the muddling of a mojito. Name the recipes, access the order history and reorder past cocktails while rating and commenting on each other. How exciting does that sound?

What better ways to make a stylish statement than making art objects part of your décor? Barda, a Quebec-based firm is gathering creative artisans to design unique and valuable works that can create an emotional connection before understanding its purpose. They distinguish themselves by using materials, shapes and textures in unexpected ways, from paper sculpted into mille feuille-like layers to form a lampshade, to cabinets with laser-etched illustration created by a woodworker and a graphic designer. The photo is of Hashtag Desk, made in France from solid oak and walnut in a limited edition. The one of a kind tangle patterns found in the different types of wood makes each piece unique. The quality of the finish is testament to the know-how and craftsmanship found in this object, much like the rest of the items offered by Barda.

Electric Hibachi
Not everyone owns a backyard, but everyone can hold a barbeque party if they have this high-tech electric grill. Flame and gas-free, Electric Hibachi is ideal for condos and apartments. With a revolutionary patented heat transfer technology, the device can reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 10 minutes and maintain the optimal temperature even in open air, allowing food juices and proteins transform into intense aromas and flavors. High heat vaporizes any residue left on the grill and a smart design makes scrubbing and degreasing a snap. Air circulation between parts was optimized to make sure the housing stays cool. User safety is ensured when grilling outdoors because the device is perfectly watertight. The grill is also sealed and assembled to take into account thermal expansion. In summary, it’s an effective device with an elegant design.

Logos Annata
Modern and cubic, the wireless high-end speaker system is different yet special. Standing at 1.6 meters tall, its height alone is impressive. It’s also able to adapt to any interior style thanks to the timeless design, aluminum finish and black frames. The Logos Anatta has been designed to provide a sound that is the closest to reality. No coloration, no noise, no distortion, they reproduces entirely and exactly what has been recorded. This result is achievable thanks to “Proteus”, the Speaker Modeling technology that allows speakers of any shape while maintaining the Goldmund extreme standards of sound quality. The speaker system is highly adjustable to your needs; throw a party by wirelessly transferring the signal to your speakers from a USB computer dongle, or complete your home cinema by using them as front speakers.

photos by
Denis Gendron,
The Rubinet Faucet Company, Atelier Jérôme Dayot,
Adrien Williams,
Nicholas Marchesi, Goldmund