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From on Top of Lengkuas Island

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The islands of Bangka-Belitung, also known as Bangka-Belitung Islands Province, consist of beautiful tiny islands with beautiful beaches off the eastern coast of Sumatra Island. Notable among them is Lengkuas Island, already popular among for visitors to indulge its dazzling panoramic view of the sea, with clear blue sea water and pristine beach. 

There is something unique about the white sandy beach of Lengkuas Island. Island hoppers stopping at the island will quickly notice a lighthouse standing tall in the middle of the island. With an area less than 1 hectare, this island is home to a 132 years old lighthouse that still functions to guide ships passing the area until today. For Rp. 5000, visitors can climb the 70 meters tall lighthouse to enjoy the spectacular view of the island’s coast and the Pacific Islands as far as the eye can see.

From the top, you can see the panoramic heights of various angles. Your eyes will be spoiled from various sides and corners of this beautiful view of islands in Bangka Belitung Province.  When you climb the stairs to reach the top of the lighthouse, you would feel the satisfaction of taking a sweeping view of the clear sky and far reaching blue sea and the popular scattered granite rocks around the island. It is definitely a great opportunity to take probably one of the best photos you’ll ever take while traveling.

Just a few helpful tips for you who would like to climb the stairs of this lighthouse: please always be careful when you ascend the top, and follow the guides’ instructions at all time. If you are not strong or fit enough to climb up to the very top, you can stop and get to see the view from several windows on the side of the lighthouse, or you can always return to the beach to swim and dive to regain your energy drained from climbing.

It is quite the experience to trek around the island which has an abundance of sea life and fascinating granite boulders. The water is so clear that you can easily see the bottom of the sea, filled with colorful fish of various kinds and beautiful coral reefs. Lengkuas beach is mostly rocky, so you should always mind your step. Slippers might be sufficient to protect your feet, but you will not be able to walk quickly once the muddy sands start to stick

To reach Lengkuas Island you can rent a boat available at several beaches in Belitung such as at Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga, or Tanjung Tinggi. It takes around half and hour to reach this island from Tanjung Kelayang Beach on the mainland, from where you can rent a traditional wooden speed boat. The boat could carry around five people and costs around Rp 400,000 for a whole day. 

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