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Fashionably Italian Cuisine at Fashion Pasta

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The Italians are passionate about their food culture, the ingredients they use, and how they always try to keep their taste authentic. Even as food constantly evolve and change over time.

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Bandung has always been well known as a haven for the culinary lover with its wide variety of eating spots and food selection. But for those who particularly crave Italian food, head to Dago Pakar Resort No 18 A, Dago Atas, Bandung to experience one of the few authentic Italian restaurant in Bandung, Fashion Pasta. Proudly keeping their taste authentic and not tempted to adjust their taste to meet the Indonesian taste, this restaurant is a gem.  

Spending lunch and dinner at fashion pasta is wonderful way to get Italian food experience. You can bring Your family, friends and even moving your meeting with business colleagues to fashion pasta. fashion pasta will give you life style dining experience while you enjoy the green ambiance of the artistic  fashion pasta garden. 

Fashion pasta is a nice spot for events, gathering, birthday and wedding party. The ground floor offers a modern International ambiance with 60 seating capacity, plus the garden area.  While the VIP Room in first floor boasts an elegant concept to provide privacy area for meeting and dinner and can accommodate up to 45 people. Not to mention the open-air balcony area–the most favorite area for dinner— which can sit up to 40 people. Last but not least, there is also the Mezzanine area, another favourite dining area for its open air setting. 

Fashion Pasta is a pioneer in Italian art and lifestyle dining experience concept, dedicated to providing authentic Italian cuisine. With a high standard of nutritional quality, most items in the menu is made inhouse, free from MSG, and using organic fruit and vegetables whenever possible. The restaurant serves authentic Italian menu from Appetizer, Pizza, Salad, Soup, to first course and main course. Try the traditional Margeritha Pizza, with thin crust and topped with fresh greens, tomato and cheese. Or the sweet pizza such as the Banana and Nutella pizza. 

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