MotionPursuitUtomocorp: Tackling Multiple Industries

Utomocorp: Tackling Multiple Industries

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There aren’t many companies that can survive for an extended time, even fewer which can continue to expand. Utomocorp is among those few. It has been around for more than thirty years, starting with trade and gradually expanding to other industries including automotive, heavy equipments, culinary, furniture, retail and mining, and with no signs of slowing down. 

Under CEO Denny Utomo, Utomocorp began growing its business into the lifestyle industry in 2013 after assessing the continuously increasing demands for high-end and quality lifestyle products in Indonesia. Their customers want brands that suit every aspect of their lives, from their favorite restaurant to their preferred gadgets. “We select brands that are ‘happening’ and growing in Europe with exclusive value and affordable price,” Denny explains. Not missing out on the overseas market, Utomocorp chooses to develop local luxury brands for men, women and kids. 

Utomocorp’s lifestyle brands portfolio includes Vespa, Piaggio and Aprilia in the automotive division, along with Twinset and Minimum in the fashion division. Denny himself fancies touring with his friends on his favorite big bike brand, Moto Guzzi, which Utomocorp happens to launch recently in Jakarta. Soon, Utomocorp plans on bringing United Nude, an eclectic footwear brand, and Liu Jo, an Italian fashion brand for women, into Indonesia. 

Their latest imported brand is Antony Morato, a men’s fashion brand from Italy with contemporary style ranging from casual to semi-formal. There are three lines for each season; Black Collection for men who want some edge in their outfits, Silver Collection which offers stylish sporty style, and Gold Collection for denim fans who also seek sophistication. The store is now open at Pacific Place as the first Southeast Asia flagship store, offering pick up service, lounge and exclusive packaging. 

Currently, Utomocorp is operating in 18 cities with more than 100 branches. “We prioritize meeting the needs of our customers by offering the best services, from transaction to after sales. Customer satisfaction and long-term business partnership are the two things I always maintain in running this company,” Denny says. 

For future plans, the company is aiming to further develop their retail business and target new industries. They are working together with a hotel brand in Jakarta which complements Utomocorp’s character. “We will present a hotel that can meet the demands of a modern society with high mobility.” Denny further adds, “I’m also interested in the agriculture business.” 

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