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Chef Table with Simon Boudain

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Cultivating the Taste and gratifying gusto at L’societe.

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Eating out at a high-end restaurant is considered an experience worth paying for, much like a weekend away or a ticket for a concert. It is a life experience that anyone should try, at least once in their life. Opening a Fine dining restaurant in Bandung, is another story. As a destination well known for its abundance of creative cafes, eateries, and cheap good food, anyone doing it need to have a certain level of fortitude.

Chef Simon Boudain  dares the market to try his fine food at L’societe, a french style fine food restaurant located in a very strategic location in Dago, North Bandung. Chef Simon came up with the idea to satisfy the curiosity of Bandung market on the real french cuisine. The restaurant has also been nicely designed with plush interior to cater Bandung’s upper market who crave the fine dining experience. Inclover were recently invited by Chef Simon Boudain himself to experience  his specially crafted menu that will be launched soon at L’societe.

The dinner was started with the Amuse Bouche which consists of three types of foie gras; the foie gras terrine with appricot and foccacia toast, pan-seared crispy foie gras with apple compote and dehydrated apple, giving a playful experience in our palate, and finally the foie gras creme brulee, with a smooth and silky texture that makes you crave for more.

With our taste buds whethed, the dinner moved along to the entree, as we were served the Pomfret Fillet in Orange Bouillon and Citrus Emulsion, along with the Grilled Butterfly King Prawn served with pumpkin puree, parmesan polenta and an oregano tuile. the prawn was grilled to perfection, juicy and sweet, especially combined with the pumpkin puree. 

For the main course, The Grilled Lamb Rack with Pistachio Crust were served with two kinds of French-style puree; pumpkin and green peas, and lembang sweet garden vegetables, a delight both in look and in palate. 

Chef Simon definitely knows how to save the best for last, where he magically transformed something simple to a haute cuisine level with a dish he called “Roti Bakar” Prancis; freshly baked sponge cake, crisp in the outside and soft in the inside, served with Oreo soil, orange cream, apple, strawberry and red chili compote, topped with a spoonful of ice cream and garnished with fried basil. Definitely an amazing night accompanied with tantalizing cuisine.

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