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Barbeque in Texas Style

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A new culinary destination has emerged for any meat lovers who crave for their favorite grilled meat; Holy Smokes, a restaurant that brings a wide variety of BBQ menu prepared with authentic Texas method of wood fogging and the typical “Low n Slow” concept of cooking.

Browse their variety of signature menu like their incredibly succulent Smoky Beef Brisket that has been cured to perfection for 14 hours, ready to melt in your mouth.

Southern Style Beef Ribs menu is another example of the signature dishes of Holy Smokes, consisting of beef back ribs that are cured for up to 4 hours to make the texture of the meat soft and supple.

Other delights come in the form of Texas Short Ribs that are cooked at a consistently low temperature for 6 hours, maintaining the meat’s thickness and rendering it extremely succulent. It is often regarded as the most gentle and premium of all meat the other ribs. For side dish, Union Straws is a mainstay menu made of thinly sliced onion straws forming a crispy fried texture, seasoned with special savory seasoning and served with special condiments.

The sophisticated fogging technique, the low-temperature cooking and curing period of time became one of the reason why the taste of meat in this place so special. The type of wood used for the fogging has been chosen strictly to generate clean and fragrant smoke to seep on the meat perfectly.               

Holy Smokes menu consist of a wide selection of white and red meat, served with their very own barbeque sauce created from a combination of more than 10 ingredients. Other than the meat selection, you won’t go wrong with classic sides such as baked beans, mac & cheese, macaroni salad, green salad, coleslaw, homecut fries and corn that will add flavor to your meal. Price range from Rp.88.000 to Rp.278.000, per portion.

Holy Smokes
Jl.Wolter Mangunsidi No.27, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
PH: 021 – 7221795