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Food Fighter: Fight For Your Right to a Happy Tummy

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Opened in August 2015, this new hip place located in the Blok m square area offers a food court concept where every tenant has been selected to complement each other. The 10 tenants are called the “Fighters”, and their food is called the “weapon”. Each tenant offers unique food, served with passion and authenticity. Offering cheerful and rustic ambiance, the design is simple with a touch of industrialist elements now commonly found in Jakarta’s trendy spots; from the bare flooring, the repurposed oil drums, to the mural decoration of pixel characters reminiscent of 80s game characters. Even some equipments in Food Fighters are allegedly did come from the 1980s.

The name “Food Fighters” came from “Fighting Fish”, the nickname for the siamese betta splenden fish, a native of southeast Asian waters which symbolize strength, beauty, and individualism. It is believed that there are no two same betta fish. Hence the creation of one of Food Fighters’s signature dessert, “Fighting Fish Kakigori”. For Rp. 35.000 nett, you will get is a dish of shaved ice with with different colors of seaweed, gelatin and toppings served in glasses perched on top of small Aquarium containing a ball of a betta fish.

Some of the popular outlets you can find here include Judas Kitchen Bar, offering not just healthy juice and smoothies, but also some meatless menu like their signature dish, the mushroom burger. For noodles lovers, Mie Chino offers mie ayam or noodles that uses a slightly different kind of noodles compared to the Chinese noodles in general. Or you can try the Vietnam sandwich menu, a combination of French baguettes stuffed with typically Vietnamese vegetables and aromatic meat.

For the pasta hunter, Bonara Pasta comes with a dish of freshly handmade pasta or dry pasta served with homemade Italian style sauce. Choose from a range of sauces including walnut pesto sauce, seafood marinara, bolognaise, salted eggs with prawn, or try their best selling item, smoked cheese and spicy tuna pasta aglio olio. One that will also catch the buzz is the Black Jack food truck, presenting the currently trendy concept of ‘black cuisine’ like the Black Jack Jumbo Burger and Black Magic Noodle. To nibble, head to Yipiko wings for home made chicken wings and fries.

Food Fighters opens everyday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm or 12:00 am on Saturdays.