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The Art of Exhibition

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Behind a successful exhibition is meticulous planning and designing in order to tell the complete story while engaging and attracting the visitors.  See how the stories come to life through these projects.

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adidas Superstar Hall of Fame

Over 40 years after its birth, adidas Original’s iconic Superstar sneaker, is back in the limelight in the “SUPERSTAR | Hall of Fame” pop-up store in Seoul, South Korea. URBANTAINER’s design team had the task to highlight superstar’s deep involvement and evolution in the heart of popular culture.

Tracing back the Superstar’s debut as an innovative basketball shoe, the inner court is surrounded by a mesh fence, much like a street basketball court in the 70s. The shop area was inspired by the charm of a garage, complete with shutter and steel rods holding the sneakers. Stenciled slogan and graffiti tags all over the area are reminiscent of the early days of street culture. Materials like rhombus steel panels, metal pipes, straps, hot rolled steel sheets and old wood create a refined yet raw environment with a natural flow between emptiness and fullness.

There are six grand themes visitors can explore: Hardwood & Backboards, Music & Culture Connection, Art in Superstar, Superstar in Superstar, A Collaborative Approach, and Fashion in Superstar. Each thematic area are filled with carefully curated content to present the Superstar’s history, music and concert videos of performers who love the sneaker and the creative fruits of collaboration projects with international and Korean artists.

Water Museum

Designed by p-06 atelier for EPAL, a Portuguese water company, the Water Museum is a space that focuses mostly on the general aspects of the water, with an educational and scientific approach, while transmitting also some of the highlights of EPAL’s history and legacy to society. The museum maintains an exhibition detailing the evolution of the water supply to Lisbon, from the time of the Romans to the present.

One glance is enough to see that the exhibition area is strongly inspired by the flow of water, from the organic shapes of the custom exhibition tables to the minimalistic blue and white color scheme, a prime example of how a simple design concept can work wonders. To match the average heights of students who are the main target audience of the museum, the custom tables are made low on purpose to stimulate the visitors’ interaction. Several infographics on the walls are also created for easy understanding while also making use of the space. A mirrored panel on the ceiling creates an appealingly matching view which at the same time appears to diminish the boundaries. 

Werdendes Ruhrgebiet Exhibition

Bernhard Denkinger Architect shows how to take on challenging space and requirements, turning it into creative opportunities. Located in a repurposed coal mine, the Stiftung Ruhr Museum maintains most of its interior to keep the history alive. The exhibition itself takes place in a gallery retaining a grid of concrete coal-washing cells, in which the temporary exhibition architecture can only be placed in position and clamped or hung from existing ceiling tracks.

To counter the slopes on the floor from the entry to the rear, adjustable supports are placed under the units, which define a path around the gallery to link the five section of the exhibit. The rare and fragile objects demand extremely low light levels, which result in underlit perforated platforms. The manuscript comes with custom designed book lights for detailed examination. Halogen luminaries on ceiling tracks accented the exhibits while backlit steel panels create wide illuminated zones in the room for general lighting.

To divide the sections, curtains made of black-painted industrial chains serve as a nice touch, bringing to mind castle bridges, boat lifts and even chainmail shirts worn by medieval warriors. Another notable planning decision is the placement of the manuscripts at the center of the gallery, establishing written knowledge at the heart of it all.

Photos by : Young Kim_Indipos, Fernando Guerra | FG+SG, Deimel und Wittmar