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A House of History

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When warm tradition and contemporary style collides

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Pesona Alam Sedayu’s Clubhuis is a true place for great meetings:  Between nature and innovations, between history and the future, between east and west, between tradition and contemporaries, and certainly between travellers and locals.

Designed as homage to the Indonesia’s Colonial-era Tea Plantation House, the Clubhuis retained the beautiful melting pot/salad bowl characteristic of the historical culture that helped defined the new Indonesia. From the architecture and interiors, to the wide-ranged menu selections that include both the Indo-Dutch ‘peranakan’ food and the traditional Indonesia’s ethnic food, one could experience the reenactment of Indonesia’s historical era, in a very contemporary perspective.

Nestled in the area of pine forest, the beautiful house makes a perfect place to unwind and enjoy a plate of poffetjes and a cup of hot caffe latte. The whole atmosphere gives you a feeling of the warmth of grandma’s home.  Just sit back and enjoy the green and refreshing scenery as far as your eyes can see. Just 2 hours away from Jakarta or Bandung, this place t is worth an effort to get away from the hustle bustle of the big city. Breathe in the scent of the fresh pine tree and Gget yourself rejuvenate and be ready for another day in the city.