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Horison Lynn Hotel: Heritage Boutique Stay

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Yogyakarta, its charms will make those who visited the city miss it badly, from its natural beauty, cultural richness, and the variety of traditional food which always satisfy the taste buds of those seeking a culinary venture.

The city known for its Keraton (Javanese Palace) has enormous tourism potentials, proven with the rapid hotels development offering comfortable accommodations for tourists flocking to the gudeg town.

Horison Group Hotel observed the big potential for its growth in the hospitality industry and has recently launched its newest addition of Horison Lynn Hotel to its hotels collection in Yogyakarta, as the third hotel under Metropolitan Golden Management operating in the city.

Located in Jalan Jogokaryan No.82 only 15 minutes from the famous Malioboro Street, 5 minutes from the Keraton Yogyakarta, and 30 minutes from the Adisucipto International Airport. With 112 rooms and suites, the hotel offers a number of facilities such as restaurants, swimming pool, and five meeting rooms cater up to 240 persons.

The three-starred rated hotel offering a boutique concept is designed with guests’ comfort in mind, providing spacious rooms enabling guests to have a good rest.  The hotel integrates Batik Kawung, a local heritage into its hotel design. Batik Kawung is told to be a batik pattern created by one of the Sultan Mataram (Yogyakarta’s King). The special pattern is inspired by the multipurpose Aren trees which fruit is made into a popular local delicacy: kolang-kaling.

The philosophy of the Aren tree is very rich as each part of the tree is very useful for human being; from the roots, the fruit, the sap, the trunk, to its leaves. The Javanese people translate it to a philosophy that a human being should be useful to its surrounding, be it to other human, environment, and other creatures. “The deep philosophy resembles that Horison Lynn Yogyakarta would be a benefit for the society, among other things is to provide vacancy for the locals”, said Inda Rambu, the General Manager of Horison Lynn Hotel.

Horison Lynn Hotel
Jl. Jogokaryan No.82
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Telepon:+62 274 372500