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In large cities where both open space and time are always scarce, the health conscious urbanites keep looking for better and more exciting ways to get moving and pumping. We have seen more and more gyms and fitness centers that offer all the recent world trends in fitness from TRX, freeletics, Thai boxing, dance classes, and basically anything that world class trainers have come up with.

More often than not though, these centers also come with a bulky price tag and a long list of restrictions.  You’ll end up signing up that long term monthly fee which more often than not you end up only use just a handful of time. Sounds familiar?

A direct answer to this dilemma is the recently launched BookmyFit, a website and app based fitness membership program that offers free to choose classes and gym centers through a convenient single membership. 

In the app, you will be given a list of classes that you can browse by time, type of class, and detailed area of choice. Once you’ve made your pick, all you got to do is show up to the class, and come in by showing the instant confirmation on your phone. Membership is renewable every month, and you can leave and re-join as you please.

Starting from Rp 660.000 per month (for  10 classes), members have the liberty to choose a growing number of activities such as Yoga, Crossfit, Pilates, Dance, Boot camps, yoga, and many more in your fingertips.