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Delivery services are starting to proliferate far beyond urban centers, bringing the convenience of a restaurant meal home, where plenty of people are likely camping out in front of the TV to binge-watch a season or two on Netflix.

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Kulina is a special marketplace to connect catering owners and prospective customers, where customers can effortlessly find any kind of food catering while business owners can focus on their main job, which is cooking! In early 2016, Kulina already has 300 catering brands joining the company. A rigorous selection process by Kulina team is still being done for the sake of ensuring quality food that will be enjoyed by customers.

To attract people’s attention Kulina applies wallet system for customers. Each customer will have a unique code that can be shared via social media. When there are friends or relatives who register in Kulina with the code, then the owner of the code will receive an additional balance of Rp 25,000. Other Kulina’s advantages are that customers are able to plan their menu for the next few days. The customers should make reservation at least one day prior to the day and the minimum order amount is required to fill the next three days. So in the following days, the customers doesn’t have to be in a rush to determine food menu.

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