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Functional & Visually Appealing Tableware

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Besides the menu and the guests, table setting is an important part of a memorable lunch or dinner.

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Sepiring Indonesia:


"Telling fascinating stories of Indonesia through the lively illustrations on its goods, bringing fun into learning culture and are a great icebreaker."

Test your guests’ knowledge of Indonesian culture with Sepiring Indonesia tableware featuring stories of Indonesia through the beautiful images; the drawings depict Indonesians clothed in traditional costumes, doing various activities, from dancing to riding delman (Indonesian-style two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage). Feel free to use the information (a brief and interesting story about the illustrations) that comes with the products as your cheat sheet.

Those pictures give us glimpses of life of various Indonesian ethnic groups, namely Javanese, Balinese, Betawi (native Jakartan), Bugis (from south Sulawesi), Minang (from west Sumatra), Dayak (from Kalimantan); illustrations of other ethnic groups, such as Papuan and Madurese (from east Java) are in the pipeline.

As Sepiring Indonesia was born out of Eridanie Zulviana’s love for Indonesian culture and history, there are also images in Sepiring Indonesia’s goods that depict life in the bygone era.

Those ceramic products come in the forms of plates, mugs, cups and saucers; there are also placemats as well as coasters on offer.  And surely, you can use the beautiful large plates, 28.5 cm in diameter, as decorative home accessories, too.

Sepiring Indonesia’s Wayang collection, which comes in the forms of mugs and espresso coffee set, is also worth a look. They feature Srikandi (a female character) and Petruk (a male character); these items come with a brochure, which gives a brief noteworthy story about the characters. 

Sepiring Indonesia’s beautiful pieces will surely give your table setting an Indonesian flavour, and are a great icebreaker to get everyone mingling – no more awkward dinner lulls.

Looking for little souvenirs for your dinner guests? Check out Sepiring Indonesia’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and website where you can find colourful coasters, tumblers, stationary, cushion covers, sling bags & tote bags – they are definitely a feast to the eyes!

Sepiring Indonesia:
You can purchase the merchandise from directly (WhatsApp: +62 815 8834 226).

The products are available at Alun Alun Indonesia (Grand Indonesia Mall), Chic Mart (Kemang Raya # 55), Dia.Lo.Gue (Kemang Selatan Raya # 99A), Kem Chicks (Pacific Place), Kinokuniya (Plaza Senayan, Grand Indonesia & Pondok Indah Mall) & Lotte Duty Free (Soekarno Hatta airport).

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⇔ Nuanza:

"Bringing out the beauty of your food presentation."

Those who believe that nothing can beat simple yet beautiful white plates or black pieces when it comes to bringing out the visual impact of the cuisine would be delighted by Nuanza single-coloured tableware. (After preparing and cooking your food for hours, you may discreetly want your guests to focus on the food, not on their plates and bowls).

Apart from single-coloured items, this brand also produces timeless tableware that is characterised by beautiful gradations of colour, which can help bring out the colours in your food. Products, which are inspired by nature, such as groovy leaf-shaped pieces as well as chic grainy texture dinnerware that features colours in nature’s palette are also among the goods on offer.

And you can add a touch of luxury to your table setting with Nuanza’s exquisite marble-like ceramic pieces, such as bowls, plates, sauceboats, cups and saucers, among others. As the products, including the swirly motifs, are meticulously made by hand, each Nuanza’s faux marble ceramic piece is unique; no piece is exactly the same (actually, all of Nuanza tableware, from its stylish pitchers to its cute snack bowls, are crafted by hand).

Nuanza goods are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they also adhere to high-quality standards; besides complying with the requirements of Hazardous Substance Free (HSF), its products are also in compliance with California Preposition 65 (which is also known as The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986). As Nuanza also offers customized tableware for various hotels and restaurants, this brand can provide certification from neutral third parties if needed.

Those who like hosting get-togethers, and are interested to order custom-made pieces, are welcomed to contact Nuanza directly (this brand’s merchandise is microwave-safe as well as dishwasher-safe).

Overall, the mix of Nuanza merchandise on offer is truly eclectic; beautiful rectangular sushi serving plates are available amid exquisite marble-like ceramic sauceboats. Whether you want to serve Asian cuisine or Western food, whether you prefer traditional designs or contemporary look, chances are you will find something from Nuanza’s tableware to delight you.

Jl. Panglima Polim 82 B
Jakarta Selatan
+62 21 721 0382
Email: [email protected]

Photos by Sepiring Indonesia & Nuanza