ImpressionArtIFFINA Furniture Indonesia & Mozaik Indonesia 2016

IFFINA Furniture Indonesia & Mozaik Indonesia 2016

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Held by ASMINDO and Traya Indonesia from 10-13 March 2016, IFFINA Furniture Indonesia & Mozaik Indonesia 2016 is a major furniture exhibition acknowledged as part of ASEAN Furniture Industries Council Exhibition. With the concept of “Unleashing High Quality Furniture Indonesia for International Market”, the exhibition served to showcase inspiring furniture trends, connect local designers and brands with international buyers, and increase furniture export. Throughout the event, there were also seminars, workshops and product display by the finalists of Indonesia Designer Challenge 2016, presenting environment-friendly, wood-based products along the theme of “More than Wood”.  Among the numerous brands and designers who participated in the exhibition, following are some which caught our eyes.

► Ong Cen Kuang

To Budiman Ong, the brand founder, the process is the most important thing in designing his products. He focuses on two things, the material as the main star or the production technique. The former’s example is the “Alur” collection, created from numerous zippers sewn together. “Lipat” is the perfect representation of the production technique, inspired by Ong’s heritage, specifically the Chinese folding tradition. Repetition appears to be the dominating theme, started from a single shape which is repeated to create a certain form. What makes it unique is the “broken symmetry”, something unique that both breaks and improves the final piece. Ong Cen Kuang is based in Bali and produces mainly lamps along with other furniture.

► Alvin T

Founded by product designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Alvin T aims for original designs with a touch of the avant-garde. Overall, their products show a modern interpretation on traditional Indonesian design where neutral tones harmonize with the contrasting elaborate yet clean, simple shapes. There’s also a sense of Scandinavian outlook meets tropical atmosphere. Natural materials such as rattan and teakwood are seamlessly combined with industrial materials including stainless steel and aluminum, all goes through a strict quality control screening process and worked on almost entirely by the hands of Indonesia’s finest craftsmen.

► Brainless

Starting out as interior consultant, Brainless decided to participate in exhibitions since several years ago to show people that they can do more. Lately they have been busy with workspace projects, injecting fun into the office. Some clients loved their signature products so much and ended up featuring them in their spaces. This year, Brainless continues to present quirky, unthinkable pieces of furniture. The rocking bench, for instance, allows communal playfulness. “I Got The Power” is a working desk with power outlets. They also focus on modular and multifunction concepts for efficient use of space and flexible placement.

► On & On Living

Focusing on fabric goods such as cushions, napkins, table runners and throws, On & On brightens your spaces with fresh and modern designs. Sometimes they go with minimalism, other times they go bold, combining fabrics, patterns and colors to achieve that unique signature look. Apart from fabric goods, On & On also offers other products such as coasters, cutting boards, baskets and bowls. Their products can currently be found at various retail shops and online shopping portals. Believing that a home is where your heart belongs, On & On also accepts custom products with no minimum order.

► Tacit

Founded in 2014 by three young Indonesians, Aditya in Production, Alfredo in Design and Happy Mayorita who took care of everything else, it’s a home studio based in Bandung that offers ceramic wares. “Tacit” itself was derived from tacit knowledge which means knowledge which is gained through constant practice and handiwork. The majority of their creations will remind you of the simplicity of Japanese traditional pottery, but they also boast a wide variation of other aesthetics. The studio also accepts orders for any customized products as long as they’re pottery-related, even for a single piece order, and can also consult with the design.

► VIO – The Bulb Gallery

The Bali-based lighting outlet chain, which has supplied their products to private customers and retailers, produces handmade bulbs and stunning lamps designed to look part industrial and part nostalgic. The vintage bulbs, fully dimmable and manufactured by using traditional tungsten filament, are available in many shapes and sizes. There are also several massive-sized outdoor bulbs with water-resistant reinforced glass. For a little touch of the contemporary, the LED collection is just the perfect compromise. VIO – The Bulb Gallery also combines them with uniquely designed chandeliers, floor, table and wall lamps.

► Expose

Tiles can serve as a unique solution for covering. Expose’s high-performance concrete tiles, reinforced with high density fiber, are designed with pleasing aesthetic for flexible indoor or outdoor uses, thanks to its water and stain resistant characteristics. There are three different thickness and twelve colors to choose from, with additional colors by request. Utilized properly, they can drastically improve your walls, floor and even table tops, transforming the space with a bold statement. Overtime, the tiles will age gracefully and naturally, delivering the sense of living materials that grow with you.