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Hell-Bent for Paradise

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Entering its sixth year in a row, MesaStila Resort & Spa once again challenged those looking for something on the extreme side.

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The Indonesian trail running world has just witnessed a wonderful weekend in the MesaStila Peaks Challenge, part of the Asia Trail Master’s series. The tracks and routes of all five race categories offered their own special challenge and distance, shrouded in the impressive landscape of Central Java. Over mountains and  hills, through bamboo forests, traditional settlements and wilderness, the finish lane at MesaStila awaited.

The change of the name of the race reflected the chance given to participants to conquer 5 mountains surrounding MesaStila, namely Mt. Andong, Mt. Merbabu, Mr. Merapi, Mt. Telomoyo and Mt. Gilipetung and all offering their respective hidden beauty. 511 participants from countries such as Japan, Denmark, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, USA, THAILAND, Brunei, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, Hongkong, Slovakia, Bangladesh, Canada, German and Indonesia joined this year’s challenge. The five categories; 100K, 65K, 42K, 21K and 11K, saw an increase in participation as well as a significant change where the start and finish lane were both located at the MesaStila Resort & Spa.

The MesaStila Peaks Challenge 2016 started on October 8th at 5am for the 100K kick off, followed at 9am the same day for the 65K category. The following day saw the start of 42K race at 5am and at 6am and 6.30am, the 21K and 11K races commenced sequentially. All races were overeen by resort manager Mr. Sugeng accompanied by Lupita Amanda director Mr. Prapto who also serves as the Chief of Marketing of Central Java’s Cultural and Tourism Service.

The 100K race was won by Jan Inge Nilse from Thailand, followed by Muhammad Dzaki and Fauzi Difinubun from Indonesia. The female division of the same race was won by Tahira Najmunissa from Thailand. Behind her was Ruth Theresia from Indonesia and Maria Josephine Liao from Phillipines.

What started as an event to keep guests happy and intrigued has now evolved into something that enthusiasts from around globe look forward to. As well as possessing its own goal to promote tourism in Central Java, a social message has seen some of the entrance fee being donated for charity. With the support of Asia Trail Master and involvement with UTMB, MesaStila Resort & Spa intends to keep on challenging many more daring souls for years to come.


Aditya Purwanto
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