DowntimeExposeThe Art of Table Setting : by Yulie Grillon & Dara Setyohadi

The Art of Table Setting : by Yulie Grillon & Dara Setyohadi

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Despite the title, “The Art of Table Setting” by the mother and daughter behind the Y & D Setyohadi Painted Dinnerware Collection, is about more than about setting the table for dining. It features the history of table setting, both formal and informal table setting, table manners, party planning and international party etiquette. Basically, the book contains all the essentials and is a thorough guide for readers who want to become a great, organized host as well as a well-mannered guest.

Dara Setyohadi said that a good table setting is not just about the decoration, but should create mood and give some experiences to the senses. That’s why the book covers special occasions such as bridal showers, candle light dinners and garden parties. The chapter dedicated to thematic table setting is perfect to draw inspiration from, complete with instructions on suitable color schemes, dinnerware styles and centerpieces among others. Not forgetting their heritage, Yulie and Dara also include the “Indonesian Touch” section, highlighting several Indonesian traditional textiles often used in formal events.

Beautiful photos and delicate hand drawn illustrations throughout “The Art of Table Setting” allow readers to get a clearer picture and avoid embarrassing mix-ups. At the end of the book, twenty modern women including public figures, ambassador’s spouses, and businesswomen, share heart-to-heart stories on gatherings, togetherness and collaborations, portrayed with the Y & D Setyohadi Collection.