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Sanlorenzo 500Exp : Conquering the Seas

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After the success of their EXP line, Sanlorenzo continues travelling toward new territories with the 500Exp; larger, stronger and readier than ever before to explore the seas.

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Sanlorenzo Yachts manufacture a large range and variety of motor yachts, all the way to super yachts. They are constructed in Viareggio, Italy, a Mecca for yacht building. Currently, their yachts are constructed of fiberglass, with most of their offerings being semi-displacement hulls and are semi-custom made with a variety of options available. Established in 1958, Sanlorenzo continues to offer clients custom-made steel, aluminum and fiberglass super yachts from 19 meters to over 50 meters in length. This Italian shipyard prides itself on ensuring complete satisfaction for its clients by achieving the perfect marriage between craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in each of its yachts.

The result of Sanlorenzo’s long, thorough analysis of the Explorer and Expedition Vessel range has made them more and more popular among ship-owners who love sailing independently to faraway places. This year, Sanlorenzo introduces a brand new idea.

Thanks to their model’s success, three of which have been launched so far, this year Sanlorenzo has decided to enlarge its collection with the 500Exp and stand out for its amazing aesthetic, living, sailing qualities and especially for its ability to host a helicopter.

With its extended stern area, longer than the 460Exp, the 500Exp measures 47 metres in length and 9.60 metres in width, and maintains the style and volume of the advanced superstructure toward the bow. This conveys on the Explorer Sanlorenzo range so much personality, highlighting the shipyard’s well-known extreme care for aesthetics through its stylish, timeless outline.

A relevant aspect for the design of the 500Exp is Sanlorenzo’s attention to the role of the yacht’s liveableness: the imposing external lines that seem to evoke the outline of great exploration vehicles clears the deck along the stern so to contain tenders, boats and sail boats up to 9 metres in length and even a seaplane or a submarine, which used to be simply unthinkable for yachts this size.

The deck’s stern lengthening in the 500Exp has also made it possible to develop a landing platform for helicopters, an absolutely original feature in yachts shorter than 50 metres and especially praised by the Asian owner who bought the first unit, which he called Ocean Dreamwalker III.

Once the anchor has been dropped, the 500Exp’s main deck, cleared of all equipment, turns into a large solarium, whereas the lower deck contains a beach-club with a bar that becomes a terrace overlooking the sea thanks to its foldout, pull down door, which may even be used as a garage for 6.50-metre tenders.

Great attention was given to the compartment for the 5-tonne crane used to move the units on the stern, which was placed under the main deck, so to leave it completely empty and to allow the helicopter to land on the deck.

The 500Exp also stands out for its great sailing qualities. The boat’s lengthening and its superstructure have made it possible to limit the size of the 500Exp below 499 GT, making the unit especially easy to manage. Endowed with Caterpillar Cat C32 Acert (1.319 horsepower) or with MTU 8 V 4000 M63 (1.360 horsepower) the 500Exp reaches a maximum speed of 16 knots and thanks to its 60.000-litrefuel tanks, it can traverse over 4500 miles with an 11-knot economic speed, that is well beyond transoceanic autonomy.

In recent years, Sanlorenzo has paid much attention to the technology development in the diesel/electric and hybrid fields and eventually it used these systems on a complete range of new models, named E Motion. The propulsion systems that characterize these models are able to guarantee greater safety at sea, greater efficiency, greater comfort, greater space on board, greater flexibility and significant emission reduction.

The E Motion range will consist of both displacement super yachts in metal with diesel/electric propulsion, and high performance yachts in fiberglass, equipped with a hybrid system.