SavvyWardrobeUNIQLO U Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Elevates Your Wardrobe

UNIQLO U Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Elevates Your Wardrobe

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For most of recent fashion history, Japanese-brand Uniqlo has been the go-to for those looking for stylish items at affordable price points. The new Uniqlo U collection is the epitome of this concept, designed by ultra-trendy French fashion designer Christophe Lemaire. He runs his own line but has been collaborating with Uniqlo for the last 3 years, embedding his own creative DNA into the items in his collections. His pieces don’t try too hard to stand out from the crowd, instead they tend to be excellent basic items applicable in a wide variety of outfits and suitable for a number of different styles. By using high quality, advanced materials such as Blocktech, and by ensuring the highest standard of craftmanship for their items, this fresh collection of staples can both define a wardrobe or offer effortless style through a single item.  

Deep solid earth tones define the collection, although they’re countered by rich hues and bold accents found in the garment details. Silhouettes and cuffs have been purposefully simplified in order to highlight the ambitious color palette on display, and to great success. The color blocks, particularly on items such as the Men U Pocketable Coach Jacket, or the Men U Striped Short-Sleeve T-Shirt, immediately elevate your style up a few notches. Essentials such as the Women U Relax Fit Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt and the Women U Long-Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt offer tasteful reimaginings of classic basics, with slightly different cuts and bolder colors offering more customers a slightly more unique option.

Boxy tees and wide shorts are complemented by stripes and checks, offering striking visual flair to the usual items, while chukka sneakers and sandals ensure that Lemaire’s 8th collection with Uniqlo stays casual. The collection dropped on 1 February this year, and all of these items are available at very accessible prices.  

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