MotionPerspectiveTimur Angin: Frame of Inspiration

Timur Angin: Frame of Inspiration

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Continuous improvement and versatility are the keys to the success of this all-around photographer

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From his humble beginnings as a photojournalist, Timur Angin was driven by his passion to capture the world through his lens and explore other fields of photography, going beyond news, features and photo essays. After studying at the Jakarta Art Institute majoring in Documentary Film Directing, he met respected film director Garin Nugroho and was invited to be the “on-set” photographer to document the making of his films, including Eliana Eliana, Izinkan Aku Menciummu Sekali Saja, Laskar Pelangi and Sang Pemimpi. It was not without its challenges, with long working hours and distant locations, but it opened a lot of doors and garnered him offers of freelance assignments for a wide range of national and international publications.

Currently, Timur owns a studio, a boutique coffee shop called Kedai Lante Satu and is developing a website to sell stock photos. He’s an all-around photographer, tackling projects from commercial to interior and fashion, and learned them all through trial and error, actively asking for advice from other photographers and personal research. “What’s important is to finish what you started because you are evaluated through the final result,” he said. That work ethic earned his reputation and the trust of his clients.

Also renowned as a fashion photographer, versatility is important for Timur because clients have different tastes and want different things. For example, some want to clearly showcase the clothes, while others focus on artistic frames and don’t care whether the clothing can be clearly seen or not. Overall, he likes the creative freedom with the props, lighting and models, unlike journalism photography where you can’t direct what’s in frame. Timur favors outdoor photoshoots and is known for his expertise in it, inclined to make the most of natural architecture, the sun and the sky. That’s not to say that he refuses to shoot in studios, especially in certain situations that require a controlled environment such as beauty shoots.

His most challenging fashion photoshoot was for a big brand that took place at Mount Bromo. As the surrounding hotels were fully-booked, the crew had to stay at the houses of the locals which offered minimum facilities. On location, the wind was so strong it could blow away the equipment plus there was some unexpected rain and the temperature was unbearably cold. Luckily, the models were professionals who stayed focused on the job and the whole photoshoot wrapped successfully.

Timur believes that remaining inspired is in line with survival in the photography industry. “We won’t survive if we’re not inspired,” he said. One has to seek references and create our own ideas. Knowing the trend is a must, creating one is even better.