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Women in Creativity

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To celebrate Kartini’s Day, HARRIS Vertu Harmoni and Sparks Fashion Academy presents ‘Women in Creativity’. Until 22 April 2019, the hotel will be displaying iconic fashion designs from Indonesia Fashion Week 2019 titled ‘The Transition’, a series of masterpieces twist between futuristic style and mystical creature.
It features Zohraenny (Neo Culture Technology), Siva R. Chainasfi (The Eternal Aileron), Ellin Syahputrie (Divine) and Eka Adrianie (Lindu). There was also a jewelry workshop on 13 April 2019, where participants were invited to create their own fashionable necklace using ethnic pattern fabrics, sequins and other embellishments. The events further establishes HARRIS Vertu Harmoni’s fashionable outlook and women empowerment values. 
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