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JNE Harnesses the Power of the Cloud

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Since 2014, JNE has offered e-Commerce and optimized Mobile Applications, built 250 operational offices and published a network of more than 7000 outlets throughout Indonesia to compete in the Asia Free Trade Region. This year, Indonesia’s largest logistic company treads further into the future by getting fully on-board with cloud computing.

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At the recent Oracle Open World San Francisco 2019 Convention, Indonesia’s leading courier company, JNE, won the Oracle Excellence Award for its innovative use of Cloud technologies to drive business transformation and value by increasing agility, lowering costs and reducing IT complexity.

The award recognizes JNE’s ability to transform its back-end processes and systems to create quality outcomes for a better customer experience. Assisting with this was the business’ implementation of Oracle Management Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

According to Rusly Askar, Head of Cloud Platform at Oracle Indonesia: “There are many key takeaways other companies can derive from JNE’s business transformation. For organizations looking to excel in today’s data-driven economy, a comprehensive and integrated strategy for leveraging data is a key driver for business growth. Data tells important stories, and understanding those stories can positively impact the business’ bottom line, operations and the experience of those they interact with.”

Rusly also points out that recent research conducted by Oracle shows a direct correlation between having a connected data strategy and the success of a company. With a comprehensive strategy in place, organizations like JNE can unlock possibilities that can positively impact their business, employee and customer experience as well as be empowered to help positively impact their communities.

By combining Oracle Management Cloud’s unified platform for IT Operations and its innovative Machine Learning (ML) capabilities such as data clustering and correlation, the company has been able to discover new insights into customer experience, application performance and availability to achieve greater agility and lower operational costs.

“Through the use of Oracle Management Cloud and ML capabilities, our organization has been able to gain measurable benefits, such as being able to identify and proactively fix incidents within minutes, so we can respond much faster to customer complaints, which have been reduced by 70 percent.” said M. Feriadi, President Director of JNE. With such outcomes, the organisation has also made plans to expand the application of the technology to other parts of its business.

Also gaining recognition is JNE’s use of Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle’s flagship innovation to-date. With the help of this technology, the company’s IT staff can now reduce the amount of manual work with its self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing nature, which for example enables a complete data warehouse environment to be created in a matter of minutes.  As a result, IT staff can focus on innovation and collaborate across department teams, enabling them to create market reports in real-time and act upon insights quickly.  Additionally, the autonomous solution has also enabled the company to provide its customers the ability to see where their deliveries are at any time online, and on a self-service basis.  This has dramatically boosted customer satisfaction.

“In this day and age where businesses cannot afford to stop in fear of losing out to competition, reliability, security, and autonomous technology are vital. In the past, IT was tasked with providing the data and analyse the lines of business needed to answer their questions, but the process took time and effort—often too much time and effort. Today, business analysts have taken the lead with self-service business intelligence tools for performing their own analyses,” explained Davian Omas, Managing Director of Oracle Indonesia. Davian further adds that the future of analytics lies in self-service access to intelligent insights. By leveraging embedded machine learning and integrating analytics, intelligent insights present the right information to the right people, at the right time, using a device of choice.