WanderlustOdysseyGrand Park City Hall: Heritage in a hotel

Grand Park City Hall: Heritage in a hotel

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For guests who want to experience the ‘place’ and not just the amenities that a hotel has to offer.

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The restoration of Grand Park City Hall, the luxurious flagship of the Park Hotel Group, is a marvel of Art-Deco architecture and modern sensibility. Occupying a prime location in Singapore’s civic and central business districts, its decorous facade is a collection of works by six of Singapore’s most esteemed creatives. Adding a distinct layer of style and heritage to the hotel, the pieces explore the island state’s rich cultural and social history. From the distant past to the present, each black and white print, sculpture, and photograph is a testament to Singapores fascinating story. Even the curation is as grand as the pieces themselves, spanning the halls, lobbies, and rooms of the hotel. The Grand Park has been transformed into a liveable gallery.

“Guests today want to experience the ‘place’ and not just the amenities that a hotel has to offer,” said Joe Kockan, Grand Park City Hall’s General Manager. “We have created a lifestyle space to engage guests and instil a sense of destination”.

As well as the décor, Grand Park’s service is cutting edge. They are Singapore’s first hotel to launch facial recognition software for mobile check in where the fully customised mobile app allows users to check in securely and in less than half the time. It can also be used as a keycard, a way to preselect rooms and even control amenities such as, lighting, air conditioning, and the television.

Experience the convenience of this new technology in one of the 343 newly-refurbished luxury rooms. The ten-story boutique hotel’s meticulous restoration has created an enviroment just as striking as Singapore itself. It is located just a short walk from several shopping and dining boutiques and located in the heart of Singapore, so let Grand Park City Hall guide your next stay.

For more information, visit parkhotelgroup.com