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Trans Studio Bandung: Scene of Adventure

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An exhilarating, magical world brought to life.

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Located inside The Integrated Trans Studio Bandung Complex, this indoor theme park shares the same space as the Trans Studio Mall, The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung and Ibis Bandung Trans Studio, an all-in-one stop for shopping, traveling and fun experiences. Inspired by Broadway, visitors will experience the sparkle of a behind-the-scenes movie making industry and several of TRANS TV’s and TRANS 7’s flagship shows such as ‘Dunia Lain’ (Otherworld), ‘Jelajah’ (Quest), ‘Si Bolang’ (The Adventurous Kid) and many more. Situated on Gatot Subroto St., just a mere 5 minute drive from Asia Africa St., Trans Studio Bandung is the best destination for a family vacation trip to Bandung where excitement and convenience can be found in one place.

All of the excitement and ride experiences in Trans Studio Bandung are divided into 3 unique and different zones; Studio Central Zone, Lost City Zone and Magic Corner Zone and The Famous Hollywood replicates the Walk of Fame. The 60’s Hollywood architectural design style adorns the center of this entertainment world, where famous stars such as Marilyn Monroe & Charlie Chaplin are standing on the corner. Adrenaline will flow on various rides such as ‘Racing Coaster’, ‘PemburuBadai’ (Storm Hunter), ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Giant Swing’.

The Lost City Zone is where amazing adventure awaits! Rescue the Trans TV crews on their expedition into the jungle along the safari track and at the ‘Jelajah’ ride and explore the theme park from above with the ‘Sky Pirates’ ride. Magic Corner Zone’s dazzling charm will definitely entrap visitors in the sensation. Children are able to bask in an atmosphere full of magic and can play in the ‘Captain Black Heart Ship’ soft play area. For a more supernatural experience, the famous haunted house ‘Dunia Lain’ is available.

In the Amphitheater, Trans Studio Bandung collaborates with Bandung musicians who present songs and serenades about love. Elegant performances will be performed in the show, stunning the audience with beautiful dances and heartfelt songs. At Trans City Theater is the fascinating steampunk themed magic show, “Cadabra”. For visitors who like action films, the impressive “Special Effect Action” presents the story behind the making of an action film where visitors can feel the tension when they see the extraordinary action of a stuntman who jumps from 2 stories, a burning alive action sequence, scenes of vehicle collisions and explosions, and free style motor biking. The series of performances ends with the ‘Magical Parade of Zoo Crew’, a light parade featuring Icons from Trans Studio Bandung and Zoo Crew which will runs through all zones at Trans Studio Bandung to the Amphitheater.


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