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MayinArt presents 32 established Indonesian artists to global audience via 3D virtual gallery and exhibition at Jogja Gallery

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MayinArt is pleased to present 'Ataraxia', a multidimensional exhibition showcasing 65 impressive artworks by established South East Asian artists. The physical exhibition will be held at the Jogja Gallery until November 7, 2020, featuring the works of 32 prominent of Indonesian artists, including Sri Pramono, Irwantho Lentho, Januri, AT Sitompul, Irwan Sukendra, Sriyadi Srintil, Fery Eka Chandra and Uswarman. Global audiences will be able to experience the exhibition through 3D virtual gallery feature on MayinArt's website.

In his welcoming speech, Mr Krish Datta, founder of MayinArt, said that this event will also be a good upturn for Indonesian artists, giving them new hope and energy after months of suffering from the impact of COVID-19. At the same time, the platform will enable art collectors and buyers to experience art exhibitions virtually like never before. At MayinArt, the Indonesian art community is supported and expected to provide the encouragement for artists to continue living their passion even through this crisis.

The hybrid event that is planned wil include a live painting session by our artist Sri Pramono, talks by a few key artists, followed by panel discussions involving artists, art collectors and advisorsvia zoom; and the entire event will be broadcast online on social media platforms. ‘Ataraxia’ means a sense of balance and calm, especially in time of crisis. Through this event, MayinArt aspires to provide support and to the artists to overcome this period of uncertainty and also looks forward to offer art as a direct path to Ataraxia to the valued art collectors.

MayinArt has also put up a parallel virtual 3D show of “Ataraxia’ on their online platform. Art aficionados and collectors can choose to view the works here at their own time and pace. The virtual exhibit aims to provide an additional venue for artists to showcase their works, quelling the physical limitations that are currently imposed due to the pandemic.

View MayinArt's 3D virtual gallery at this link:


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