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Sarong Inspirations contains Will’s many ideas and recipes in redefining food culture, especially Asian cuisine.

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With his Scottish heritage, an Australian accent and an Indonesian home, Will Meyrick isn’t easily categorized. Often described as Western on the outside and Asian on the inside, Will’s passion for the cuisine culture and culinary heritage of this fascinatingly diverse part of the world is what really defines him and sets him apart as a chef and restaurateur. Will settled in Bali, Indonesia, where he now resides with two acclaimed and award winning restaurants under his belt – the fine-dining flagship Sarong, and its younger, irreverent sibling, Mama San.

Sarong Inspirations charts Will’s journey in Asia and is filled with stories and personal insights from his very early days of discovery in Thailand through to motorcycle dashes across Laos and stints of life in Khmer villages and Indian homestays to learn the culinary secrets which had been handed down in families from generation to generation. His extensive knowledge of Asian cuisine is evident in Sarong Inspirations, and his easy familiarity with the region’s unique ingredients and flavours helps to both demystify the processes and simplify the recipes, making it easy to replicate restaurant quality dishes at home.

The aim of Sarong Inspirations is simple. It’s to enable the average amateur chef, or passionate foodie with a penchant for trying new things, to be able to create restaurant quality Asian dishes at home. A little time and patience are all it needs to follow the recipes. Once we start to understand the ingredients and ideas, Asian cuisine is generally quick and easy to prepare. In this book, they include Asian Tapas, Salads, Soups, Thai Specialties, Grilled and Braised, Indian Curries, Stir Fries, Rice and Noodles, Balinese and Desserts. Be brave and jump right in. Try new things. The path to preparing and perfecting Asian cuisine is a journey.