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Effective & Creative Education in the New Normal

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ACG School Jakarta continues to deliver a full, dynamic, and interactive e-Curriculum for their students, by implementing ‘virtual classrooms’ and online learning platforms.

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Founded in 1995 and with a focus on academic excellence while also providing students with the personalised care and support they need to achieve their best, ACG School still stands by those values until today.

With over 20 years of success, ACG has grown to provide education services at private international schools and preschools in New Zealand, Vietnam and Indonesia as well as English language and vocational and higher learning colleges.

Adapting to the new normal that has been brought about by the Covid19 global pandemic, hasn’t dampened the spirit and desire to deliver academic excellence to the students. “ACG School Jakarta implements ‘virtual classrooms’ and online learning platforms that are proving to be hugely beneficial for both our students and their parents.” according to Principal, Shawn Hutchinson. He credits this success to two core elements. Firstly, the live student-teacher interaction which is fundamental to all students making progress and achieving their full potential. Secondly, the desire to maintain the personalised learning approaches that treat every student as an individual and that supports them pastorally and academically.

When ACG School Jakarta made the decision to temporarily close their campus in response to Covid-19 measures, their aim was to ensure the transition from a physical classroom to distance learning was as seamless as possible for students at every grade. Known for providing excellence in education, the school was determined to maintain their world-class teaching standards across all online learning programmes.

“It was vital to ensure that the activities we delivered were high-quality and reflective of what we do every day at school,” explains Principal Hutchinson. “Our objective was to ensure students do not miss out on a moment of their studies while providing opportunities to learn through hands-on, multi-sensory and open-ended activities rather than static worksheets or checklists.

“Highlighting our educational philosophy, we have focused on making sure that students have their own ‘voice’ and could steer their learning in different directions based on their own interests.”

Students have quickly and easily adapted to the virtual school environment and are enthusiastically engaging with online learning as their studies proceed at pace.

“I think the vast majority of our students have adjusted really well to this type of learning,” confirms Mr Hutchinson. “And I believe this is because lesson plans, accompanying documents and video sessions have been so clear and easy to understand. “

Daily face-to-face interaction among teachers and students has allowed students to become engaged and active online. Many of the students are really taking advantage of the digital tools they have access to and have formed online chat and study groups, independently reaching out to each other and building their own social networks.

Recognising the need for open communication, the ACG team have implemented a number of channels to ensure frequent interaction between all members of the ACG community.

“Positive, supportive communication and strong relationships with families is key to the success of virtual schooling. We have had extremely high levels of teacher and student engagement from day one. Our teachers are able to differentiate the work from each student and provide immediate feedback and support. As soon as work is submitted, teachers offer comments, suggestions, next steps and, where appropriate, further challenges.”

Personalised care and attention to detail has been a hallmark of teachers work with students, and the ability for teachers to respond quickly to student and parents’ questions and requests has been a really positive part of their work. Last but not least, the role of parents, with whom we are in constant contact and actively encouraging, is vital and therefore this interaction is behind any actions and decisions made.