WanderlustOdysseySiena: An Eye for the Detail

Siena: An Eye for the Detail

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Forget the big picture of Siena’s medieval past. Look closer and feast on the elaborate details.

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Photos by Nindya Kurnia

The fascinating façade of the Siena Cathedral. With its gothic style, amazing sculptural details, gorgeous colour combinations in the marble tiles, and the story of coronation of the virgin in the upper painting.

The dome of the Siena Cathedral combines glass and marble.

It might be a small baptisery, but it doesn’t mean it is any less detailed.

The famous she-wolf of Siena on the cathedral’s floor. The she-wolf herself represents the story of the founders of Rome who were raised by a wolf.    

 Learn more about the history of the city at The Piccolomini Library while drinking in the sights.

 Museo dell’Opera offers art from the medieval era, managed and arranged beautifully.