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Prodia Teleconsultation Services : Enhancing Customers’ Access to Medical Checkups During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Are you feeling worried and uncertain? Especially regarding concerns about health? It may be that you are finding it a challenge to arrange doctor consultations due to COVID-19 health protocols and large scale social restrictions. Therefore, to facilitate customers in accessing health services during the COVID-19 pandemic, PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk is providing a teleconsultation service.

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This teleconsultation service is available at Prodia branches that have obtained the clinical laboratory permit. All customers will be able to access the service and attended by doctors at Prodia clinical laboratories from 22 May 2020. This service is available for all ages, however for children and elderly patients it is advised to have the consultation sessions assisted or accompanied.

“We continuously strive to improve the customers’ convenience in accessing health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, they can consult without having to come to our health facilities,” said Dewi Muliaty, Prodia’s Managing Director. This teleconsultation service can be requested by reaching Prodia through Contact Prodia 1500-830 or at the nearest Prodia branch whose locations and contact details can be found on their website

A teleconsultation operator will record the customer’s data, explain the general procedures as well as the applicable terms and conditions for the use of the teleconsultation service, and check the schedule of availability, then get back to the customer about the schedule via WhatsApp or by phone.

After the customer has agreed with the terms of service and paid the teleconsultation service fee, the teleconsultation operator will send the customer an email containing the detailed schedule, duration, and invitation using a Webex link, as well as the applicable terms and conditions for the use of teleconsultation service. The teleconsultation will be conducted in line with the doctors' working hours at the Prodia branches; each session is up to 30 minutes in duration. For a teleconsultation service regarding laboratory test results, Prodia doctors will provide an explanation based on the Online Results. The teleconsultation session will be documented in the form of Medical Records and voice recordings.

Doctors conducting teleconsultation services may provide follow-up action and recommend the patients to access Online Messages and/or a Home Service whenever applicable. A softcopy containing the doctor's recommendation in PDF format regarding a follow-up action such as a prescription provision, if any, will be sent via email and confirmed by the teleconsultation operator. Customers needing a follow-up action in the form of laboratory tests will be given further directions via Online Messages. 

Teleconsultation services are not available for Anti-SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pretest consultations. Services that cannot be performed by teleconsultation include triage and emergency conditions, physical examinations that are required during a medical checkup, consultation for patients with disabilities (hearing/speech/vision impairment), special conditions requiring a physical examination or certain medical actions, laboratory/non-laboratory examination results from facilities other than Prodia’s, and health certificate requests that require physical examination.

“Prodia's teleconsultation service is the answer to your need for health services during this COVID-19 pandemic as it utilizes online medical technology or telemedicine. We are confident this teleconsultation service will be effective as a solution for customers,” said Dewi.