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DR. dr. Nita Ratna Dewanti, Sp.A : Do Not Let the New Normal Make an Abnormal Generation

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Taking care of your family's physical and mental health during the pandemic, Do not let the new normal make an abnormal generation

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DR. dr. Nita Ratna Dewanti Sp.A graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia in 1993 and qualified as a specialised pediatrician from the same Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia in 2002. After a number of years in the field, she received another postgraduate degree from Hasanudin University in Makasar. From her long years of experience as a pediatrician, Dr. Nita kindly shares her valuable information in relation to existing alongside COVID-19 and living in the new normal, especially for families with children.

Most importantly are good nutrients for the body according to children's age and growth standard measurement. If we are healthy physically, we must always follow the standard health protocols for every member of the family and implement them consistently. For example, if parents have just returned from work, they need to immediately take a shower and change their clothes before playing with their children. Then, it is about not delaying an immunisation schedule. It is important that vaccines are given on time for the best protection and immunity. So, please make appointments prior to going to the hospital. At Premier Bintaro hospital, the polyclinic has been separated for healthy patients and those showing symptoms. If your child displays symptoms, please consult a pediatrician immediately.

For example, a newborn to the age of 6 months is exclusively breastfed. As for 6 months onward, this must be combined with nutritional food that balances the right dose of carbohydrates, proteins and multivitamins. Aside from nutritious food, a growing child needs their own playtime to prevent any stress. Parents are advised to accompany this with educational games and toys which are designed to stimulate learning and prevent gadget dependency at an early age as excessive exposure to gadgets can cause physical and mental damage to children. Most studies have found that a child will likely become overweight and have vision problems when they spend too much time using gadgets.

Parents are advised to be more involved as companions and in peer roles so that children are not stressed and continue to develop. With recent schooling being online and from home, which involves gadgets as tools, this means children are likely to have tired eyes and ideally a child should only be exposed to gadgets for a maximum of 2 hours a day. It is important every after school day to rest and stop using gadgets. Encourage the children to play outside the house for around 1 hour. If you have to leave the house, please remember to always follow the complete health protocols by wearing a mask and face shield. For children below two years old, it is advisable to wear a thick face shield without a mask since it may cause shortness of breathing especially if wearing for too long. As for older children, they can wear a mask and face shield. Always remember to get into the habit of washing your hands as often as possible. A balanced daily routine is a mental vitamin for quality family time.

The 3 main health protocols are physical distancing, wearing a mask and face shield and washing hands as often as possible. It is important for parents to lead this with discipline and consistency. A role-play on how to do these things correctly really helps your children to better understand the message.

Premier Bintaro hospital provides designated and separate rooms for healthy and unhealthy patients for cases of routine vaccines or any complaints of disease with prior detail screening upon arrival. Patients will be directed to segregated examination rooms for check-ups and immunisations only. For a teleconsultation service with a peditrician or other doctors, this can be done via telephone or applications such as video calls allowing parents to freely consult with their child's doctor. The result of a teleconsultation session can be in the form of video-guided therapy or perscription delivery to the patient's home.

The teleconsultation service offered by Premier Bintaro hospital is called the Tele Health Plus service, a digital health care service from the Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care Indonesia network for your home. This service includes a complete process from whatsapp apointment, online payment, easy registration ID access, online medical report and medicine delivery service.