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Gas Block Braga Bandung: A charming space for solo dining or a coffee meet up.

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Bandung has always something to offer among its many charms. People visiting Bandung are always looking for a hidden gem, such as a place to shop, to stay, or to eat. Located in the hustle and bustle of the city, Gas Block Braga Bandung is a historical building that provides stress-free zones with its eateries, GASTRO and gasinc.

GASTRO Meat & Grill invites you to try gorgeous cuts of steak , especially their signature rib eyes, tenderloins, sirloins, and their unique Fried Rice Tenderloin. If it’s a convenient coffee shop you’re after, gasinc offers various types of coffee with lots of space to sit and drink it in. It’s a great place for work and a laid back space to hang out with friends.

Hungry? You’re in luck; gasinc also serves up local cuisine using only the best local ingredients including Cruffs Bomb, Dragon Hair, Carrot Cake, Potts, and more. It’s also worth pointing out that the lighting and decor make for a memorable addition to your instagram feed.