WanderlustSavorSALT by ICE: catering service perfect for your needs.

SALT by ICE: catering service perfect for your needs.

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The Indonesia Convention Exhibition presents multidiversity and exquisite tastes with the launch of SALT by ICE. The finest food and beverage services use only selected premium ingredients and these are prepared by professional chefs with several serving options, including Pre-Cooked Meals, Made to Order and Catering. The Pre-Cooked Meal menus are already cooked and prepped in a hygienic vacuum pack that only needs to be reheated to be ready to eat in just three minutes; the Made to Order menu is a handcrafted and signature menu that is freshly made in the kitchen and ready to deliver to your table; and Catering provides mouth-watering choices of meal boxes, buffet and snack boxes ranging from Indonesian to Western cuisines, even to Asian favorites. SALT by ICE indulges you more with its full-service and drop off options for your special occasion.


IG : @salt.by.ice